Review: Smashbox’s Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bawse


What up it’s your girl, Daff! (Okay, I totally ripped that off from Superwoman aka Lilly Singh, who’s the creator of this shade of lipstick…but you know…I had to). I’m back with a review today of this wonderful shade of lipstick created by YouTube creator Lilly Singh in partnership with Smashbox. Enjoy this review and let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to follow me on all my socials listed on the right hand side of this page!

What Is It?

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Smashbox FINALLY came out with a matte liquid lipstick range and I, for one, am super excited about these. This particular one is in the shade Bawse. Initially, I bought this shade for two reasons: It’s created by a YouTuber AND because it’s called Bawse (obvio). But to sum things up, it’s a liquid lipstick that’s supposed to stay on your lips for at least 8 hours while feeling super comfy on your lips! It’s infused with lip-smoothing Smashbox Primer Oil complex that’s supposed to give you suede-soft highly pigmented lip colour. This shade is described as a deep red that will look good on all skin tones!

How Long Did I Use It For?

Okay, I know I have a rule where I won’t review anything until I’ve used it for at least a month…but I mean I’ve used it for almost 3 weeks (that counts as a month right?). Let me tell you, if I’m already reviewing it this early, then you already know that this is a must have item!

First Impressions And Thoughts?


I fell in love at first swipe. No, really. With one swipe, I got everything I’ve ever wanted from a matte liquid lipstick formula. It’s super pigmented and you don’t need anything more than one swipe. It’s light on your lips, so much so that you sometimes forget you even have liquid lipstick on. It didn’t budge, didn’t smudge, practically didn’t move until I used makeup remover to remove it. Since all of it seemed like it was too good to be true, I actually timed the lippie on my lips before it started to slightly fade: literally 8 hours later it faded a tiny bit (and I ate, drank, took selfies all through out). It didn’t dry out my lips or even flake! So clearly, the formula is epicly awesome! Now for this shade of red. I love it. It really does look good on every skin tone…so shout outs to Smashbox and Lilly for really doing a great job with selecting this shade!

My Verdict?


Not only do I feel like a Bawse when I wear this lippie, I literally forget that I have lipstick on…that alone makes me want to go get more shades from this range. Smashbox, you are doing an amazing job with this range!

Where To Buy?

I got mine at Sephora, but you can get yours at any Smashbox retailer for $28 (CDN).

Worth A Repurchase?

Yes times 10 million (a nod to Lilly’s subscriber count).


  • Lightweight
  • Glides on smoothly and easily, no mess
  • Super pigmented colour
  • Not drying, keeps lips moisturized, doesn’t flake
  • Cute packaging
  • Instantly gives you confidence (also, does that mean I can be a Unicorn now?)


  • None at all!

Overall Rating: 10/10 (Dear Lilly & Smashbox, you guys seriously hit this one out of the ball park and Smashbox, I can’t wait to try other shades in this range!)



Happy Shopping Dolls! x


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