Review: Tarte’s Pretty Paintbox Collector’s Makeup Case


Hi Dolls! Remember that Sephora haul post from a while ago (if you don’t you can check it out here)? I finally got some time to use and review everything purchased during that haul! Remember to follow me on all my socials (listed at the bottom and the side of this blog). Enjoy & see you in the next post!

What is it?

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This holiday palette from Tarte has to be the prettiest thing I’ve seen from all the holiday launches this year. I’m a die-hard Tarte Cosmetics fan, so I always have high expectations every year from Tarte. I find that I end up buying all their launches and never get disappointed. This palette features a ton of things. It’s got 24 eye shadows, which are limited edition. There’s a good mixture of mattes and shimmery shades in the mix. Also, can we talk about the names of the shadows? They’re so adorable and very art-themed (which makes sense, given the name of this palette). It also has four cheek products (a blush, highlighter, a shimmery bronzer & a matte bronzer). Wait, there’s more…lolz. There’s a little flap which reads “Imagine, create, inspire” (kind of is adorbs in many ways), which you can lift to reveal MORE products. A sample size of the glossy lip paint, a deluxe lash paint mascara and a skinny liquid liner (I’m glad that a palette finally includes a liquid liner instead of the traditional liners). To wrap this gorgeous palette up, it’s got a pretty pink, purple and gold design all over. It also has a mini mirror.

First Impressions and thoughts?

dscf4835img_3429dscf4837dscf4831 img_3428

The Eye Shadows: Okay, I’ll be brutally honest here, there are some shades that aren’t up to par with what Tarte usually offers. But with that being said, there were a few that I absolutely loved. The darker and coloured shades swatch well and stay decently long on your eyes (make sure to use an eye shadow primer though). The lighter shades are not the best. I found them to be a little chalky. But it was okay for me because I’m not a huge fan of lighter shades in general.

The Cheek Products: Well we all know that Tarte prides themselves over their cheek products. The shades in this palette is not a complete fail at all. Instead, it’s one of their strongest points of the palette. They wear well, they swatch well and you can also use them as eye shadows too! What more can you ask for, right?

The extra deluxe stuffs: The glossy paint in obvi does not disappoint! I’m not a huge lip gloss fan but this shade I, surprisingly, liked a lot. My lips weren’t overly glossed and it goes perfectly well with the eye looks, which you can create from this palette! The liner and mascara are good, I mean I have my favourites from other brands, but these aren’t totally horrible…they’re good. They do what they’re supposed to do!

The Packaging: One of the main reasons why I LOVE this palette is the way it looks! Seriously, look at it! It’s GORG GALORE! Also, I love the “imagine, create, inspire” inscription. It’s visually appealing and the names of the products are too cute to ignore!



My Verdict?

I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen better from Tarte (that was the hardest thing I’ve written since I’m a die-hard Tarte fan). The palette itself is pretty (hence the name, I get it now). But, some of the shadows are super chalky and don’t really swatch well. Although, if you’re like me and don’t really care about the lighter shades, then you should definitely get this palette for it’s darker colours! The shimmery ones are just too pretty on your eyes! Also, the cheek products are fabulous! I know it is pretty pricey, but try to think of what you want out of this palette and decide based upon that!

Where to buy?

You can get yours at Sephora for a cool $77! It does say the actual value is $543 but you’re getting the palette for a tiny fraction of that price!


  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Shimmery eye shadows are gorgeous with no fall out!
  • The cheek products are great
  • One palette helps you create multiple looks


  • Price
  • Some shadows are chalky and don’t show on your lids with one swatch

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (The shimmery shadows, the packaging and the cheek products make this palette worth it!)

Happy Shopping Dolls! x




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