Motivation Mondays

Change Is Scary?


Guess who’s back, back again….Daffy’s back, tell a friend (I really hope Eminem doesn’t sue me for making changes to his lyrics). Well well well, it has been a while hasn’t it? Now, usually when I disappear from blogging, I realize it’s because I’m going through major changes in my personal & professional life (yes I do have a job for those wondering)…and that sparked a thought in my head. Why not post about things that inspire me or my thoughts on certain topics on Mondays as part of the infamous hash tag Motivation Mondays? This is my version of that. Fear not, my reviews and all things beauty/fashion will be majority of what I post but I thought why not try something new? So today, I want to talk write about change and how embracing change positively helps you grow as a person. My whole life has been filled with changes (which I’m sure everyone reading can relate to). Whether it’s moving from country to country or from job to job, I’ve learned that almost every time I can sense change in the horizon, I suddenly get fearful. Fearful that the outcome of the impending change won’t work out and I won’t be able to go back. Fear is great because it means that whatever we are about to embark on is going to change us…& it is up to US to decide if it will change us positively or negatively. As more and more things change in my live, I’ve realized that no matter what the change; it has helped me grow as a person. It’s helped me distinguish the good from the bad better. Another thing I’ve realized is that every time I’ve chosen mentally to believe that things will be okay, things indeed were okay…despite how drastic the change was. We spend so much time dwelling on what can happen if something were to change that we forget that majority of the time they’re scenarios based on ‘what ifs’ and not on ‘what is’. If we chose to embrace change, then we are only helping ourselves grow into better versions of ourselves. Dealing with change is what life is all about and trust me, it wouldn’t be fun if life was that easy!

Embrace change, learn from fearing change & focus on what IS.

See you in the next post!




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