How To Be A Blair Waldorf In The Real World

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As most of you know, there was a point in time where I was obsessed with the show Gossip Girl (seriously, how fashion forward was it?). Like most TV junkies, I had my favourite characters (hello, Chuck Bass…you are so hot). There was one character in this TV show, whose wardrobe I want to steal. In fact, I’m not even going to lie…I, to this very day, try to emulate this character’s style! I’m sure you already know who I’m talking about (duh, it’s the title of this blog post & probz the reason why you clicked it)….that’s none other than Blair Waldorf. I can probably spend hours writing about who she is, what she does and what her style is (in fact I think I even wrote about it eons ago in THIS blog post). But in this blog post, I’m going to share with you few tips on how you can be emulate Blair. Being Blair Waldorf, especially today, isn’t easy but if you follow these rules…you’ll be a Blair Waldorf in this world:

  • One cannot leave the house without a headband on. No matter what, even if it’s a head scarf…you need this hair accessory in your life. Also, bonus brownie points if it’s encrusted with bling.

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  • You need to own tights…and not just your basic black tights, you need printed tights. Coloured tights. Lacy tights. Basically, all kinds of tights.


  • If you’ve got multiple cardigans, you are already channeling your inner Blair Waldorf. Seriously, you cannot own enough cardigans. There are your basics, your flared, & even tweed (yes, they do exist).


  • Don’t forget to take calculated risks with fashion. Ruffles, bold colours and prints are great when paired with the right hair and makeup! So make sure you take a look in the mirror before you step out.


  • Accessories are a must. You cannot leave your house without a necklace or a bracelet. Or even a purse. It’s just not right (Also, hair accessories are always a must…see tip #1).


  • Having one jacket is not enough. You have to invest in multiple different styles of jackets. I mean you can’t just wear ONE trench coat or one pea coat. You also need multiple colours.

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  • Skirts/Dresses are musts. If you’re not wearing pants that is (leggings don’t count). & make sure you pair them up with the right pair of shoes and accessories.

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  • Leggings/Tights CANNOT be worn as pants. You HAVE to pair them with a skirt, a dress or something that covers your behind. There’s nothing classy about wearing leggings as pants.

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  • Your makeup cannot and should not be overcaked. That is not classy at all, at least not in the Upper East Side. You do not want to look like Georgina’s alter ego (only die hards will get this one). In fact, no one wants to be Georgina’s anything…other than Humphrey, maybe (puke).


Hope you guys enjoyed this different kind of style inspiration blog post! As always, see you in the next post!



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