10 Beauty Hacks I’m Obsessed With


Hi Dolls! If you haven’t checked out my previous blog post, then you can do that by clicking right here! As always, follow me on all my socials–>! Also, I’m currently laptop less (oh man, life is so different #firstworldprobz), so the blog posts might be not filled with pics as it normally would!


Beauty hacks are literally the it thing right now. I mean I spend a lot of my time on Pinterest and Buzzfeed, looking for hacks I can try (I know I should do more productive things). But after trial and error, I bring you 10 of my favourite beauty hacks!

  1. Making a fishy face to contour your face: I know you look silly doing it, but it works. I am not an expert at contouring (I wish I was though…the need for instant cheekbones is real) but this trick has helped me get the most natural looking contour (is that even right to say?).
  2. Pulling your finger through your mouth so that excessive lipstick doesn’t rub onto your teeth: Woo, that was wordy. Basically, you already know how I’m obsessed with liquid lippies, right? Well, I used to have an issue of having lipstick get on my teeth (not cool). SO to avoid that whole fiasco, I take my index finger, make an ‘O’ shape with my mouth and put my finger in (omg, this sounds really weird but it works trust me).
  3. Using dryer sheets to make sure your hair doesn’t frizz, especially in the winter: THIS WORKS. AND IT MAKES YOUR HAIR SMELL NICE IN BETWEEN SHAMPOOING (you know it’s real, when I type in all CAPS).
  4. Using a flesh tone eye liner to line your lower lash line to make your eyes look more awake and pop: You know I use this since I started blogging. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this to fake being awake (cuz you know I love sleep more than going to early morning meetings). It’s coffee for your eyes.
  5. Dusting translucent powder through tissue paper on your lips to make sure lipstick doesn’t fade: I tried this for the first time this summer before a wedding and NOTHING CAME OFF. You already know how much I adore makeup that doesn’t melt when you’re out all night.
  6. Using Olive Oil to clean stained makeup brushes: I posted about this a while ago. You can read all about that here. Olive oil cleans all the makeup off brushes so well. FYI, it also softens your brushes too.
  7. Using old (or even new, cuz let’s be real I’ve bought the multipack toothbrushes for a reason) toothbrushes to scrub your lips: You can also create your own lip scrub by using baby oil and raw sugar. Works like a charm for the softest lips ever!
  8. Using a T-Shrit to dry your hair quicker: I also wrote about this hack A WHILE ago, I can rewrite it but I think it’s easier for you to just click right here.
  9. Do you want easy beach waves without the fuss? Easy. Braid damp, slightly air dried hair and go to sleep. You will wake up with instant waves: This WORKS. You can read about my easy beach wave routine here.
  10. Want the perfect eye lash curl? Use your hair dryer to warm up the curler and then use your lash curler: OH GIRL PLEASE. THIS IS THE BEST BEAUTY HACK. EVER. My lashes fan out so perfectly, even the tiniest ones. If you pair it up with this mascara, oh the wonders it’ll do!

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