Motivation Mondays



Hi Dolls! Hope you had an awesome couple days! Remember how last week I told you my perspective on taking risks by trusting your instinct? With this year ending (OMG, where has this year gone?), I want to talk write about how important it is to believe in yourself no matter what. We live in a world where we are constantly pitted against one another and because of that very reason, we might feel dejected or even lose focus on what we are trying to achieve. As clichéd as this sounds, the best way to not feel dejected or lose focus is to believe in yourself. YOU have to believe that the goals you are setting in life will come true (of course with hard work and determination). YOU have to believe that you know what is best for you and YOU know what’s right for you. Did you see how many “yous” are in that sentence? Well, it’s because nothing in life is achievable unless YOU want to make it happen and that is the very reason why you must always believe in yourself (no matter the context). When you chose to do that, you chose to ignore the negative things and focus on making things happen for you. When you start focusing on yourself in this manner, you start achieving more in life. People will always have something to say, but no one in this world knows you better than yourself. So, make those plans. Take those risks. Embrace the change…& believe in yourself because when you do that you start focusing on achieving your own vision (whatever that may be).

See you in the next post!




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