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How To Get A Killer Workout

Why hello dolls! Hope you’re having a phenomenal day! If you haven’t checked out my previous blog post, then you can do so by clicking right here! Also, make sure you’re following me on all my socials listed at the top of this page! Now that I’m trying to get into a daily gym routine (it’s hard let’s be real…I’d rather Netflix & eat nachos), I thought I’d share with you 10 ways you can get a killer workout, whether you are at the gym or at home! I am by no means an expert, so don’t judge me or you can (lolz…) 


  1. GET A KILLER PLAYLIST TOGETHER: A great playlist really makes a HUGE difference when you’re trying to get a workout in. I think I blogged about this in the past, but maybe I’ll post an updated playlist next week. My current fav song that gets me super pumped is David Guetta’s Play Hard (so hyppeee).
  2. PINTEREST/YOUTUBE WORKOUTS: Pinterest is one of my favourite places to go to look at different workouts. Especially for ones I do at home. Majority of the pins have pictures showing you how to do the workout and what part of the body you are targeting. Youtube is great too…and so is Instagram.
  3. INVEST IN CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES & GEAR: Majority of the reason why I’m even hitting the gym more is so that I can wear my Ivy Park gym swag (thank you Beyonce). Going workout clothes/gear shopping in itself motivates you to hit the gym more. On those sluggish days you don’t want to go, think about the CUTE stuff you can rock…also, why not throw in taking a selfie too!
  4. FIND A GYM BUDDY or BUDDIES: Having a gym buddy or a group of friends who want to hit the gym with you is SO motivating because it makes working out fun! You’ll hit your fitness goals quicker by motivating and pushing one another to hit them. Plus, think of all the cute selfies and boomerangs you can take (I know all for the Instagram).
  5. WANTING TO READ THAT BOOK? DOWNLOAD AN AUDIOBOOK TO LISTEN WHILE WORKING OUT!: So, I never thought I’d say this but listening to an audiobook while working out (especially on cardio days) is pretty effective. You’re focused and you’re getting to listen to a book. Plus, it helps you get through your workout quicker! So head to your local library and get yourself a free audiobook to download and listen to!
  6. SET REALISTIC WORKOUT GOALS: So this is probably one of the most important aspects of getting a killer workout as well as making sure you hit the gym on a schedule. When you set realistic workout goals, you’re motivated to go back and not be bored. For example, I try not to do the same activity for the same amount every time I workout. Also, I start off easy and build my workouts with each day. This way you see progress and you’re not overworking yourself (hello, you don’t want to be injured).
  7. FIND AN APP TO TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS: I’ve been using the Fitbit app to track my workouts and I can’t explain to you how much of a difference it has made in me achieving my fitness goals. With any fitness app, you can track all your fitness activity PLUS your daily food/water intake. I love this because I don’t drink a lot of a water daily and by tracking it, I drink more! Also, don’t forget with apps you can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals…which in itself is super rewarding when you hit them! AND AND AND, if you’ve got friends with the same app, you can challenge one another to healthy competitions (SO motivating).
  8. INVEST IN A FITBIT OR AN EQUIVALENT: If you asked me about this 6 months ago, I’d tell you that you are crazy for investing in something that tracks your steps. BUT, now that I’ve been using my Fitbit for a few months, I can say that it was def one of the best investments I’ve made because it motivates me to get up more and hit my target steps. So if you don’t want to hit the gym or do a home workout, you can track your steps daily. This way you’re getting fit by doing normal everyday things.
  9. START TO CHANGE YOUR DIET & HYDRATE YOURSELF: Eating healthy is important especially if you’re putting in all that energy in your workouts. You need to fuel yourself! The best way to do this is by eating healthy (you know more veggies and all that). I’m still working on this aspect, so I can’t preach what I don’t completely follow always (I have more cheat days sometimes). BUT you can make little changes (replace sugar with honey, drink pop only once a week, eat protein after a workout etc). ALSO, MAKE SURE YOU DRINK A LOT OF WATER! Dehydration+gym/workout= more tiredness and sluggishness. Avoid that at all costs!
  10. HAVE FUN AND HAVE A POSITIVE MENTALITY: This one’s the most important one if you ask me. You won’t achieve anything by working out if it’s not fun. So, don’t do the same thing at the gym every single day because you will get bored. Change it up. Day 1 can be cardio and day 2 could be weights and day 3 could be a yoga class. Also, you need to have a positive outlook on getting fit. Don’t do it to just lose weight but do it to get fit and think of it as a fun physical challenge. If you look at it negatively, you will burn out and not go back.

See you in the next post!





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