Netflix & Chill

Trying to find a show to binge watch on your sick days (or just to fill free time lolz)? I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favourite shows to binge watch or even re-watch on Netflix:



This show is a dark twist on the Archie comics and I love every bit of it. It’s crazy, it’s funny, and I love Veronica’s style!

13 Reasons Why


Captivating plot and phenomenal acting by the whole cast! Also, the soundtrack is awesome! And, you literally want to give Clay a hug…all the time.

The Mindy Project


No show has been more relatable for me than this one. Mindy’s hilarious one liners and her need to excel at everything is so hilarious to watch!

Master of None


Okay, Aziz Ansari’s depiction of love on this show is hilarious. He’s cute and funny….is he single IRL?

The Crown


A show depicting Queen Elizabeth’s reign from the beginning? Sign me up! Seriously, this is so addictive! And allllll those crowns are gorgeous!

Stranger Things


This show follows a group of kids that are basically living D&D in real life. Also, I have a newfound love for eggos.

Bill Nye Saves The World


I literally relived my childhood watching this on Netflix. Billlll Nyyyeee The Sciencee guyyyy…Bill Bill Bill (okay I will stop now).

House Of Cards


I watched the first season in 13 hours and I haven’t stopped! Frank Underwood is a seriously deranged genius.

Gilmore Girls


Honestly, who doesn’t want to move to Stars Hollow and drink coffee at Luke’s? I literally watch an episode whenever I have free time…because why not.



A show about self-discovery and a twenty-something girl boss living her dream? Count me in. Also, the vintage fashion on this show is amazeballs.



This show NEVER fails to make me laugh. Seriously. If you’re having a sucky day, this is the show you need to watch.

Chasing Cameron


This reality show about a social media star is so addictively hilarious that I watched 4 episodes in one sitting. No lie. Can someone please give Taylor his diem!! lolz

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