What Bollywood Has Taught Me…


Honestly, Bollywood has taught me so much throughout my life and I wanted to share with you my favourite lol things I’ve learned! Enjoy! x

You’ll always wake up in the morning super happy and super flawless…


Every monumental moment requires a song. No matter what. 


Falling in love will be your ticket to a totally different country filled with couture clothing for you and not much clothing for him because he’s worked hard on those abs.


Being abandoned on an island is no problem at all. You can survive without hunting for food or anything really…(Thanks Kaho Na Pyaar Hai for this one).


The family that prays together, eats together, stays together.


Playing Holi (google it) is SO glam. There’s no clean up or mess involved…at all.


Want to run away from your problems? Get on a train! 


All the main leads are unbelievably hot. 


Who needs an umbrella when it’s raining…you got love & a coat!


Eat whatever the heck you want because you ain’t gaining a single pound!


The dancing is epic.


SRK is perfect.  


Everyone needs to be Poo from K3G



Alrighty, hope you enjoyed all the lols! With all jokes aside, I love everything Bollywood has to offer! GIFS courtesy of Giphy.


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10 Times Anushka Sharma Slayed Her Style Game

I’ve decided that I am now going to post everything Bollywood related on Thursdays and to kickstart that decision, I’m bringing you 10 of my favourite looks Anushka Sharma has rocked! If you don’t know who Anushka Sharma is, then just google (obvz). Not only is she a phenomenal actress in Bollywood, but she is also one of the few stylish ones out there. Without further adieu, here are my favourite looks Anushka has rocked:

39492e6c9c6a0ac78d97c1fda6a3a89c Uhm, everything about this outfit is GOALZ. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

1d4184506fdb6da0d80b31ea3157d8b2 The style and colour of this saree is so gorgeous! Also, the big jhumka earrings (google the meaning) are pure perfection!

3e2b2ea143cc6c71dc1d18ce6e159946A is killing the ripped jeans trend in this look. The bright yellow blouse and the beige shoes classify this look (lolz).

f2d757e1f927c1e03bb5825d4b0c3725  I’m a sucker for celebs wearing super unique outfits and this one is so chic!

cbb6b1b636a9e79e753335cee9550618Let Anushka show you how you exactly can nail the festival-boho-chic look.

da17738275ae7570b8f4eaa6333072cc  The colour scheme, the shoes and the print on the skirt is beautiful!

1232c116984ff91ca00acd7c9d08dfb5Girl, can I look exactly like this when I wear jeans and a plain shirt? Killing the casual game!🔥

d699e737f61b796721a674d377ba533a Everyone needs an all black outfit and Anushka looks radiant in this one!

5b35ab9b53866135d9179c397c074f3e Currently searching online for this exact lehenga….LOVE everything about it.

ec7894a360286e2ff71017cdcb1421a9 The colour combination of this outfit is gorgeous and I’m in love with those shoes!




(images courtesy of Pinterest)


My Gym Playlist-Bollywood Edition


Hello Dolls! Hope you’re having a splendid day! If you didn’t check out my previous blog post, then you can do so by clicking right here. Also, keep up with me on Instagram! As I mentioned in this post, I’ve finally got an updated gym playlist, Bollywood edition, for you (this was on my playlist before...has it changed? You tell me)!

  1.  The Humma Song
  2. The Breakup Song
  3. Nashe Si Chadh Gayi
  4. Kala Chashma (I am always jamming to this)
  5. Tu Meri
  6. Baby Doll
  7. Ok Jaanu (Title Track)
  8. Kar Gayi Chull
  9. Tukur Tukur
  10. Cutiepie
  11. Mauja Hi Mauja
  12. Sau Aasmaan (I forget I’m at the gym and I’m in Lala land with Sidharth Malhotra)
  13. Diamond Koka
  14. Desi Thumka
  15. Gulaabo
  16. Dilliwali Girlfriend
  17. London Thumakda
  18. The Disco Song
  19. Yeh Kali Kali
  20. Chura Ke Dil Mera (LOL the dance moves)

See you in the next post!



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7 Times Sonam Kapoor Slayed Her Style Game 

Hello Dolls! Hope you guys are doing great! As always, I’m back with a blog post for ya today and since my previous Bollywood style post was such a hit (thank you x), I’ve decided to bring you another style icon from Bollywood. But before you go ahead and read that, make sure you’ve checked out my last blog post. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily updates (also, my other socials are listed on the top of the page).

As I mentioned, this post is going to be about one of Bollywood’s most stylish actresses ever. Actually, she might be one of the most stylish actors to grace the world (there I said it). I’m talking about none other than Sonam Kapoor! If you want to know more about her, you can check out her wiki page. If we were to find a definition of what “#StyleGoals” was, it would be Sonam. Not only does this fashionista dress well, I also love how her hair and makeup are always on fleek. Below, you will find 7 of my favourite outfits Sonam has rocked (and let me make it clear, it was VERY hard to pick these because I practically love EVERYTHING she wears).


A plain red lehenga on paper sounds bland, but only Sonam can make this outfit look super fashion forward. Also, the matching red lips is perfect.

15e4ebeaa52124172381cbb6e4ba2f83 So, I have a soft spot for anything blush toned but this outfit is literally what I would call the perfect blush dress. Also, the heels and her hair are to die for.

315db5247566b2c66924e63f867d075cThis is something I like to wear pretty much every other day and in different colours. This one’s my fav because Sonam makes even the simplest outfit looks SO chic. Me likey.

a63ec2fcf2d9ff52568e250758df4121This has been one of my favourite gowns I have ever seen on ANY red carpet. Everything about this is perfect and I want this so I can wear it every single day (don’t judge me).

d02473e33e4229faf3be989750abcc0aThe flared pant suit can be tricky for some to pull off but this fashion icon does it effortlessly. Everything from the cut to the hair to the pointy shoes is flawless!

ec353541936f1fec7ecf1d98d30b039eAHH. GIVE ME THIS OUTFIT. RIGHT. NOW. Seriously, I’m speechless at the level of perfection here.

c5fea0ad011f521ced7ca1743b7ca497I’m a sucker for classy cutouts in a dress and THIS look here is nothing short of elegant and classy. Sonam, how do you do it!? Can we swap style brains?

See you in the next post!



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7 Times Katrina Kaif Slayed Her Style Game

Hello Dolls! Hope you’re having a lovely day! If you haven’t checked out my previous post then you can do so by clicking right here! Okay, so I just realized that I haven’t made a Bollywood post in years (OMG, I’m slacking). So I figured with 2017 in full swing, I’ll start off my first Bollywood post of this year by talking about how obsessed I am with Katrina Kaif’s style. If you don’t know who she is, then you can check out her wiki page. She’s one of the most talked about celebrity in Bollywood because of the different movie roles she chooses and her impeccable style sense. Below you will find 7 of my favourite looks Kat’s been rocking (which you can re-create too).


Seriously, only Kat can make an all black basic outfit look mysteriously gorgeous. This is exactly how one rocks casual chic.


I added this look here mainly because I have rocked something similar (you can check that out here). I really love the boho chicness of this outfit.


Jeans, Louis V and a coloured leather jacket together can only create the most stylish outfit. Seriously, this is what travel style is all about.


I love the watercolour printed mini dress Katrina is rocking here. The red strappy heels really enhances this look and I want to insert all the heart emojis here.


Something about the dressiness and the casualness of this outfit makes my heart skip a beat. I love the colour combos!


Blush toned dresses are my weaknesses. Seriously, every single person needs to own at least one piece of blush toned outfit. Also, peep the flat sandals. So simple and elegant.


Kat looks gorgeous here. The colour combination of her shoes and dress are perfect. Also, that hair….so pretty!

See you in the next post!



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Fashion Diaries: 10 times Priyanka Chopra Slayed Her Style Game

This Bollywood turned North American TV actress has been killing her style game ever since she stepped foot into the glamour world of acting. Lately, Priyanka Chopra has elevated her style game even more now that she’s in Hollywood. I love that she takes risks yet stays true to her own personal unique style. She can practically rock any outfit effortlessly with confidence. How do I know this? I’ve met her. Ha. (Okay that’s my one second show off moment, which I shall stop). But seriously, this girl brings it no matter what she’s doing and no matter where she is. I love that her hair and makeup are also always on point! Here are 10 of my favourite looks PC has rocked:

032e2e9537ecd9d82d18e168d6d9c734This is how you rock a metallic shoe. Pair it with a sultry dress!

72961cee02fc339f751e169b63e0949bWant to know how to make a plain white dress stylish? Let PC help you out (that clutch though).

70f71790051179060c9644d9df083a74I’m pretty sure if I looked like this or owned this lehenga, I’d wear it 24/7. No lie.

1f70db5d7bd97b937a28f41dcf496f80Dear Priyanka, how do you always look so effortless chic?

1ef4ab991e2f50d0fc88519c6a05e42bOh. My. PC. * insert heart eyed emoji *

6228d24846a4a34ed0a1c74db04cb096This whole outfit is goals.

e73267fdb666d7f912d62c3b77113f0dCamo pants and Graphic T never looked so good * goes to own closet to find *

fd7ec351034a590b1c785f23bc0b9d09All I have to say is traditional sarees are REALLY hard to pull off…but she makes it look easy.

f8642fa7d96d195ad692b2749b5a1ce1I’m basically going to wear this outfit every time I go out. Why? Cuz PC did.

d69f36e2531889030b86515c676ee564Those shoes though!!!! #edgychic

Have a great day dolls!


(Images courtesy of Instyle, People, pinterest)


Fashion Diaries (Bollywood Edition): The Best Dressed at the Filmfare Awards

As you all know, I’m obsessed with everything and anything Bollywood (you can read all about that here). Since it is awards season in Bollywood as well, I decided to do a best-dressed edition of one of their well-known awards show. Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood awards shows are way more about glitz and glamour. As always, there were fashion disasters (I will talk about one below) and fashion forward moments. Below you will find my best dressed at the Filmfare awards along with one horrifying fashion disaster, which could’ve been avoided:

57d46576d24389e705e7d90c65113979Randeep Hooda

This adorable & extremely talented actor was dressed to impress in a classic black suit & white shirt. I love that he finished the look with a bow tie & slicked back old school hair, making him one of the best dressed of the night.

sonalibendreSonali Bendre

She is always dressed to impress, no matter the occasion. In this bright orange gown, she looks great! The smoky eyes, flawless skin, the pushed back hair and choice of accessories looks fantastic with this ensemble.

fawad-kahnFawad Khan

Let’s all take a moment & just admire the hotness of this man. Fawad looks incredible in this 3 piece charcoal grey suit. Everything about this ensemble is styled flawlessly. This dreamboat finishes this perfect look with his perfect smile.


This immensely talented actress looked stunning in an all black long-sleeved sequins embellished gown with a cinched waistline. The gown fit her perfectly like a glove. Her side swept wavy hair & bold red lips finish this incredible look!

4e0a6aa33ca80ff862f47b7afb8391caTahir Bhasin

How hot does Tahir look? Men in bow ties are perfect. Tahir’s classic black suit is perfect. I love that he went with a cobalt blue pocket square, adding a pop of colour to his neutral look. This newbie is one stylish man on my radar!

sonamkapoorSonam Kapoor

Sonam looked astonishing in this very fashion forward ensemble. I love everything about this, from the colour to the various cuts of this outfit. This fashion risk has paid off immensely for Sonam and she looks fabulous. The accessories, the makeup and shoes are flawless!

3dd76969fce210995299e010be4eab30Shahid Kapoor

Everything about Shahid Kapoor is hot. I’ve met him before. I’ve hugged him before. Hot. This man cannot do wrong when it comes to style. This classic all black ensemble is on point and of course he added a bow tie, making this even more perfect.

ileanaIlleana D’cruz

Here’s another fashion risk taken absolutely flawlessly! Illeana hits it out of the park in this all black jumpsuit. I love the added sheer cape, making it incredibly fashion forward. The shiny gold belt and the low-cut top are done tastefully. She finishes the look with a low ponytail and flawless makeup.

r1_1422715836Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor is perfectly handsome in this classic black suit and tie. I love that he went with a striped dress shirt underneath, which elevates this ensemble’s style quotient. His signature hair, smoldering looks and his adorable wink finish this look.


This is how you wear an off white gown! This super talented newbie brings it to the red carpet. This off white strapless gown has exquisite detailed work all over, making this a very stylish dress. She styles the look perfectly well with minimal accessories, makeup and perfect hair.

My Worst Dressed of the night?

sidharthmalhotraSidharth Malhotra

Oh my goodness, why Sid?! This very attractive man is usually dressed to impress but this ensemble is just horrible! The “artistic” sweater just doesn’t work and it’s too short for him. The suit jacket doesn’t make the look better at all. If he had gone without that, maybe it would’ve worked. Also, the dress pants are weirdly cropped and not tailored to fit him properly. The worst part about this outfit? The loafers without the socks…ew. Better luck next time, I guess.

Have a great day dolls! x

(Images courtesy of Indian Express, IBN Live, FilmFare, TOI)