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How To Shop At Sephora


giphy33So you want to know how to shop at Sephora? Here are a few things I’ve learned since I practically live there (lolz):

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LIST because if you go in without one you will..(I’m being thousand percent real here)…end up purchasing things you do not need solely because it swatches gorgeously on your hands!


If you’re going in without a list…I got you. Make sure you connect to the WIFI at Sephora (it’s legit free at all their locations) so that you can quickly google reviews…or go to your favourite bookmarked blog to see …*ahem*


Navigating through Sephora is literally like a fun maze. There are multiple brands and products everywhere…SO… 


ASK FOR HELP. The Sephora beauty experts that work there are geniuses (shout out to Sephora Square One for ALWAYS holding it down for me). You can ask them anything and they will always have immense knowledge of the items. Like seriously, what is non-touring? Why do I need to strobe!?


Being at a Sephora is an emotional roller coaster (one that I enjoy tbh). For example (this really happened): I went to a Sephora to purchase Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Lipstick in Heathers. I swatched it and fell in love…only to be told it was sold out in store…and then I realized it’s okay, I can order it online on their website.


Take advantage of their Skin IQ tester thingamabob (I’m sure there’s some scientific name). It literally matches to the closest shade in any foundation at Sephora. This makes it easier for the clerks and you to find the perfect foundation/concealer match!


Sign up for their Beauty Insiders program! Bruh, what you waiting for? It’s free and you get access to products and sales and freebies….AND A BIRTHDAY GIFT!


Be prepared to stand in line for….a while. (You can always order online)


Sephora is notorious for giving out samples for free so ASK! If you’re a commitment phobe about certain products, then this is the perfect alternative for you!


Don’t forget to check out their sale section, whether in store or online. I’ve gotten nail polish for like $3 before..which normally retails for $12. Score.


HAVE FUN! I know it can be overwhelming but if you’re a beauty junkie like me…this place is better than Disneyland.


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What To Wear To A Fashion Show

DSC_3530 2

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending International Fashion Encounter’s Fashion Show/SuperModel Canada Search contest (thanks Toronto Fashion Academy for hooking it up) and I figured why not share with you all the wisdom I’ve gained about fashion shows! So without further adieu here are some tips on what you should wear at a fashion show:

  1. Wear your the uncomfortable fashionable pair of shoes you own: Listen, you’re going to be sitting for 85% of the night, so might as well make use of THAT pair of heels you have a love/hate relationship with. Also, you don’t have to wear heels, you can wear boots, flats, sandals etc. Just don’t wear sneakers unless they’re like blinged out Yeezys, speaking of which…has Kanye put out blinged out Yeezys yet?
  2. Use a bold pop of colour so you stick out: Honestly, this can be the colour of your outfit, shoes, accessories and/or makeup. Just make sure it’s bold enough to stand out! I wore a bold magenta lip to offset my all black look (clearly I don’t have a soul). Also, I wore a tarnished gold jewelry to match the gold detailing on my ankle boots (see details matter because other fashionistas at this thing are doing it…and probably judging…okay maybe not…but you catch my drift).
  3. Carry the most expensive or expensive looking purse you own: I’m not telling you to go buy that Louis Vuitton AM you’ve been craving (or maybe I am) but this is the perfect time to whip out that purse you have hidden in its dust bag because you don’t want to ruin it (I carried my Marc Jacobs Crossbody). Or if you really want to be bold, you can carry that all-glitter clutch you bought because why not (just me?).
  4. Wear loads of blingy jewelry: Okay, maybe not loads but enough so you’ve frosted yourself (if you know what I’m referencing, tweet me…shameless promo). You want to be classy and subtle yet fashionable. One of the ladies from the Real Housewives of Toronto attended the show and she had probably one of the most beautiful blinged chokers I’ve ever seen!
  5. Be…add your personality to your whole look: You don’t want to look like everyone else because you are NOT everyone else. You are you and make sure everyone around you is aware of all your awesomeness. One of the attendees wore a light up pocket square as a part of his all dark pant/suit. Can you say amazing?! There was also someone in all silver..and when I say all silver..he painted his face and dyed his hair silver…SLAY.
  6. You don’t need to go ALL out, this isn’t Prom: Okay, no one needs to see excessive body parts or over the top gowns…this is a CLASSY affair so keep it simple and keep it classy! Dress like you’re going to be photographed for a profile picture that’s going to be your picture for your whole life (does that even make sense? if it doesn’t I’m I’m not. whatever).
  7. Go through your closet before you purchase anything for your #OOTN…: Honestly, majority of the reason why I attend any event that requires me to put in copious amounts of efforts is because of Instagram (what has my life come to). Yes, you want to look spiffy…but NO, you do not need to spend a ton. Last time I went to this very fashion show, I dug out my closet and found a dress I hadn’t worn with the tag still on it. I basically dressed it up to make it fashion worthy (cuz you know tip #5).
  8. …and if you do want to purchase an item for your #OOTN, look for sales: This year I did purchase a dress for this particular show but believe me, I’m a bargain hunter and was able to find my outfit for 65% of its original price (YUS). So if you do need to buy something…go shopping for sales…FYI: obvs this is not a last-minute thing.
  9. Make sure you have a phone charger handy: You’re going to be taking loads of pictures and updating your social media account all night long (again, what has my life really come to?) or you need an UBER…so make sure you’ve got a portable phone charger ready!
  10. Eat before you go or have snacks handy: Fashion shows DO not serve food…because…obviously no one wants to promote eating (okay I’m not throwing shade I promise but it’s probz because no one wants to smear their makeup with food…although I wouldn’t care if they serve me McNuggets). Make sure you eat before hand or make a mickydees run after because these shows go on for a while and you will get hungry. Also, don’t drink on an empty stomach…not the prettiest thing AND make sure you bring cash for the bar.

But most of all, HAVE LOADS OF FUN! I truly have a blast each time I go to IFE’s shows. They’re fun, exciting and you really get a taste of what the fashion world in Toronto is like!

Head to Instagram to see what I wore! Abril Cereva designed the dress on the model above  and the picture is courtesy of Azmat’s Photography!




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Organizing Your Makeup 101


Hello Dolls! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! If you haven’t read my previous post, then you can do so by clicking right here. If you know me personally, then you’re already aware of my OCD-like obsession with being organized no matter what. In fact, I’ve blogged about this on many occasions (post 1, post 2). While going through probably the worst writer’s block of my lifetime (yes, this includes my uni days where writing about Aristotle seemed a lot easier than what I’ve been experiencing lately), I realized I have never shared with you how I organize my makeup! So without further adieu, here are some tips on how you can organize ALL your makeup!


  1. Categorize: This is probably the most important factor of organizing just about anything and everything in your life…including makeup. What I like to do is keep all my foundations together, all my blushes together, all my eye shadows together, etc (you catch my drift yet?). This is essential because you want to be able to find your fav makeup item ASAP. Also, I categorize my makeup brushes according to that rule too.
  2. Once you’ve categorized, one of the most important part of organizing is finding a space to put them: I mean you can buy different organizing tools (as you can see I have one devoted to all my MAC lipsticks) or you can create your own. The possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as you want (hello DIY). I have a drawer devoted to just foundations, concealers and setting powders. The reason why I grouped them like that is because I combine those 3 products at the same time, so why not have them altogether in one place?
  3. In doing steps 1 and 2, you’ll come across old makeup or makeup you haven’t used (believe me these things expire quicker than you think and you don’t want to put stuff like that on your skin). One of the most important things you can do is, let it go, let it go! Okay, I am obviously too obsessed with Disney…but GET RID OF IT: You do not need makeup you haven’t used in more than a year because…you haven’t used it. It’s simple as that. Chances are you won’t use it again so why bother. This has always been the hardest thing for me to do but you know what? YOLO.
  4. So you’ve categorized, made space for those categories, gotten rid of things you don’t need…now what? PUT THEM IN THE SPACE: This is probably my favourite part because you can be SUPER creative and very Instagram worthy, but you have to do it correctly. Add dividers in your drawers. Add trays to your makeup desk, make it pretty as you like or as simple as you want…it’s up to you!


And VOILA! You’ve now organized everything makeup related in your life…on to your closet…lolz.

Until next time,




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How To Get The Perfect Smoky Eye!


I love this classic look that Eva Longoria is rocking here. The smoky eye paired with a nude lip does wonders for her. This look is so trendy and classic that it will never go out of style. Once you’ve mastered the method, you can play around with different colours. Below you will find a series of steps to achieve this look along with some of my favourite products.

Happy recreating this make up look Dolls! x

The Smoky Eyes

  1. Prime eyes with your favourite eye primer. (I cannot live without Urban Decay’s 24/7 primer potion).
  2. Apply your favourite soft silver eye shadow all over your lids.
  3. Line upper lash line with a black liner. It doesn’t have to be perfect but make sure you apply generously. This one is my favourite for smokey eyes because it’s waterproof and comes with a smudge tip on the other end!
  4. Take a clean liner brush and start smudging the line you just created (in slow small circular motions). Once at the outer corner of the eye, make a backwards “C” into the crease line, stopping mid way on the lid.
  5. Take your favourite charcoal shadow (if you’re feeling bold go with a dark matte black), and with a crease brush apply to your outer corner of your eye (the curved part of the backwards C) stopping at the middle.
  6. Keep blending until harsh lines are gone.
  7. Take the same Black eyeliner and apply to the bottom lash line (including the water line).
  8. Take the same liner brush used before, and smudge out the bottom lash line so that the line is a lot softer; join with the top lash line you drew (the outer corner where it ends)
  9. Take a highlight colour (why not Shroom by MAC?) and apply to the brow bone.
  10. Take a clean crease brush and blend so that there are no harsh lines.
  11. Apply a volumizing mascara to finish the look (if you want you can apply false eye lashes); My favourite mascara for a smoky eye look is this one.
  12. Fill in eye brows as you would normally do.
  13. If there is fall out around the eye, take a tissue paper and wipe it off.


  1. Apply your favourite foundation primer. This one is my fav!
  2. Apply a brightening under eye concealer and blend (why not the Maybelline under eye concealer?)
  3. Follow with your favourite foundation routine; use a concealer to cover any blemishes or inperfections.
  4. Apply mauvey pink blush on the apples of the cheek like Eva. My favourite one is Flush by Tarte. Tap lightly for a faded flush.


  1. For a natural nude look: use a lip stain that is the same as your lip colour only better. I love Exposed by Tarte because it is matte and has intense longevity.
  2. Apply a pinky nude gloss on top for a sheen. I love this one in either bare naked or bare pink (and it pairs perfectly with the Tarte Lip surgence!)

Finishing touches:

  1. Apply a setting powder first and then setting spray so nothing budges! I love the Urban Decay All nighter spray and Makeup forever’s HD setting powder.

Remember: You can always modify this make up look based on what works best for you. If you are still at a loss, you can invest in a smokey eye palette (what I did when I was first learning how to master this look). Urban Decay has the Naked Smoky Palette which is fantastic for beginners. 

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How To Get A Killer Workout

Why hello dolls! Hope you’re having a phenomenal day! If you haven’t checked out my previous blog post, then you can do so by clicking right here! Also, make sure you’re following me on all my socials listed at the top of this page! Now that I’m trying to get into a daily gym routine (it’s hard let’s be real…I’d rather Netflix & eat nachos), I thought I’d share with you 10 ways you can get a killer workout, whether you are at the gym or at home! I am by no means an expert, so don’t judge me or you can (lolz…) 


  1. GET A KILLER PLAYLIST TOGETHER: A great playlist really makes a HUGE difference when you’re trying to get a workout in. I think I blogged about this in the past, but maybe I’ll post an updated playlist next week. My current fav song that gets me super pumped is David Guetta’s Play Hard (so hyppeee).
  2. PINTEREST/YOUTUBE WORKOUTS: Pinterest is one of my favourite places to go to look at different workouts. Especially for ones I do at home. Majority of the pins have pictures showing you how to do the workout and what part of the body you are targeting. Youtube is great too…and so is Instagram.
  3. INVEST IN CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES & GEAR: Majority of the reason why I’m even hitting the gym more is so that I can wear my Ivy Park gym swag (thank you Beyonce). Going workout clothes/gear shopping in itself motivates you to hit the gym more. On those sluggish days you don’t want to go, think about the CUTE stuff you can rock…also, why not throw in taking a selfie too!
  4. FIND A GYM BUDDY or BUDDIES: Having a gym buddy or a group of friends who want to hit the gym with you is SO motivating because it makes working out fun! You’ll hit your fitness goals quicker by motivating and pushing one another to hit them. Plus, think of all the cute selfies and boomerangs you can take (I know all for the Instagram).
  5. WANTING TO READ THAT BOOK? DOWNLOAD AN AUDIOBOOK TO LISTEN WHILE WORKING OUT!: So, I never thought I’d say this but listening to an audiobook while working out (especially on cardio days) is pretty effective. You’re focused and you’re getting to listen to a book. Plus, it helps you get through your workout quicker! So head to your local library and get yourself a free audiobook to download and listen to!
  6. SET REALISTIC WORKOUT GOALS: So this is probably one of the most important aspects of getting a killer workout as well as making sure you hit the gym on a schedule. When you set realistic workout goals, you’re motivated to go back and not be bored. For example, I try not to do the same activity for the same amount every time I workout. Also, I start off easy and build my workouts with each day. This way you see progress and you’re not overworking yourself (hello, you don’t want to be injured).
  7. FIND AN APP TO TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS: I’ve been using the Fitbit app to track my workouts and I can’t explain to you how much of a difference it has made in me achieving my fitness goals. With any fitness app, you can track all your fitness activity PLUS your daily food/water intake. I love this because I don’t drink a lot of a water daily and by tracking it, I drink more! Also, don’t forget with apps you can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals…which in itself is super rewarding when you hit them! AND AND AND, if you’ve got friends with the same app, you can challenge one another to healthy competitions (SO motivating).
  8. INVEST IN A FITBIT OR AN EQUIVALENT: If you asked me about this 6 months ago, I’d tell you that you are crazy for investing in something that tracks your steps. BUT, now that I’ve been using my Fitbit for a few months, I can say that it was def one of the best investments I’ve made because it motivates me to get up more and hit my target steps. So if you don’t want to hit the gym or do a home workout, you can track your steps daily. This way you’re getting fit by doing normal everyday things.
  9. START TO CHANGE YOUR DIET & HYDRATE YOURSELF: Eating healthy is important especially if you’re putting in all that energy in your workouts. You need to fuel yourself! The best way to do this is by eating healthy (you know more veggies and all that). I’m still working on this aspect, so I can’t preach what I don’t completely follow always (I have more cheat days sometimes). BUT you can make little changes (replace sugar with honey, drink pop only once a week, eat protein after a workout etc). ALSO, MAKE SURE YOU DRINK A LOT OF WATER! Dehydration+gym/workout= more tiredness and sluggishness. Avoid that at all costs!
  10. HAVE FUN AND HAVE A POSITIVE MENTALITY: This one’s the most important one if you ask me. You won’t achieve anything by working out if it’s not fun. So, don’t do the same thing at the gym every single day because you will get bored. Change it up. Day 1 can be cardio and day 2 could be weights and day 3 could be a yoga class. Also, you need to have a positive outlook on getting fit. Don’t do it to just lose weight but do it to get fit and think of it as a fun physical challenge. If you look at it negatively, you will burn out and not go back.

See you in the next post!




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How To Curl Your Hair Using The Conair You Curl XL


The classic hairdo that never really goes out of style. The reason why I call this the “wand-er curl” is because you don’t use a typical curling iron with a clamp but rather a curling wand to create curls. This method makes curls look more natural (a conical wand makes curls look more soft and wavy like).

The Wand-er Curl

  1. Brush hair so that there are no knots or tangles.
  2. Spray hair with a heat protectant. This one is my favourite one.
  3. Section hair off into 2 sections.
  4. Take a curling wand and set it to 330 degrees Fahrenheit (this can depend on the different types of waves/curls you want so make sure to play around with what works best for you and your hairtype)This is the curling iron I used and I love it! It comes with a heat protectant glove, so that you don’t burn your hand!
  5. Take 1” pieces and wrap around the wand (a little bit above the midway shaft in your hair section). I usually turn the wand upside down, so that the curls come out thinner in width at the end and also it’s a lot more comfy. Leave the piece wrapped for 5 seconds(this will vary depending on your hair type).
  6. After 5 seconds, leave the piece on the hand that’s not holding the wand for the curl to cool. (this will allow for the curl to set without hairspray first!).
  7. Repeat steps 5-7 for the whole bottom half section (make sure to curl towards you for a few and curl away from you for a few of the sections…this makes it look a bit more natural); once done curling the section, spray with hairspray (this one does not weigh the hair down nor does it leave it crunchy!) and DO NOT brush through the curls yet.
  8. Repeat steps 4-8 for the top half section.
  9. For the front pieces/bangs: Curl one side towards your face and curl one side away from your face. Spray with hair spray.
  10. Wait about 15 minutes, to let the whole head of curls/waves set. I usually do my make up during this time or I blast a few of my favourite songs and relax!
  11. Flip your head upside down and use your fingers to separate all the curls (slowly starting from the roots to the tips); Spray with hair spray lightly again.
  12. This isn’t shown in the video but for MORE Volume: Take a teasing comb and start teasing the roots only.
  13. Smooth out any flyaways with the teasing comb, lightly.
  14. Spray a light spritz of hairspray to set the whole look! (keep the hairspray a little further away to just lightly spray).

Remember: Using curling wands can be tough but once you get the hang of it, its super quick and easy. This whole look takes me about 20 minutes to do. Ive timelapsed the video to you how easy it can be! 

Happy Hairstyling Dolls! x


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Makeup Diaries: The Rose Gold Smoky Eye


The Naked 3 palette has been one of my favourite palettes to use whenever I’m not sure what eye look I want to do. If you want to read my review on this palette, then click here! In the meantime, here’s a makeup look featuring the Naked 3 Palette! Have fun recreating this look dolls & don’t forget to follow me on my various social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr).


1) First apply a base all over the lids. I used Groundwork by MAC. Then, I applied a lighter base colour because I wanted the rose gold shade to pop even more. I used NARS Rue Bonaparte liner, which I smudged all over the lid.


2) With the lightest shade in the palette (Strange), I applied it all over my lids and brow bone. Then, I applied the shade Burnout all over the lids, focusing on the centre of the lids. Also, I put a little bit of Dust in the inner corner of the lids.



3) Then, I took the shade Buzz and applied it to the centre of the lids. After, I took the shade Limit and lightly applied it in the crease.


4) With the shade Nooner, I applied it all over the crease and outer corners of the lids. Make sure to blend into Limit so that there are no harsh lines! Then, I took a mixture of Factory and Liar & applied it to my outer corners of the lid (to build subtle intensity).


5) Make sure to blend the outer corners into the shade Nooner (in your crease). Also, with the shade Darkside, I lined my upper and lower lash line. Make sure to blend Darkside into your outer corner and crease, so that you get a seamless gradient.


6) Since I wanted a subtle winged liner look, I took a liquid liner (Kat Von D’s Trooper) and I lined my upper lash line. I took NARS’ eye liner in Via Venetto and applied it to my water line.


7) With Benefit’s Browzings, I filled in my eyebrows. Then, I curled my lashes by using Tarte’s lash curler. Then, I took the Buxom Lash mascara and applied it to my upper & lower lashes.


8) Make sure to wipe off any excess fall out with a makeup wipe! Finish off your look with your favourite foundation/concealer routine. Make sure to add a peachy blush and a coral lip to really pull your look together! I used Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin and Revlon’s HD Lipstick in Hydrangea. I set my whole look with Make up forever’s HD setting powder!


Happy Wednesday Dolls! x