What Bollywood Has Taught Me…


Honestly, Bollywood has taught me so much throughout my life and I wanted to share with you my favourite lol things I’ve learned! Enjoy! x

You’ll always wake up in the morning super happy and super flawless…


Every monumental moment requires a song. No matter what. 


Falling in love will be your ticket to a totally different country filled with couture clothing for you and not much clothing for him because he’s worked hard on those abs.


Being abandoned on an island is no problem at all. You can survive without hunting for food or anything really…(Thanks Kaho Na Pyaar Hai for this one).


The family that prays together, eats together, stays together.


Playing Holi (google it) is SO glam. There’s no clean up or mess involved…at all.


Want to run away from your problems? Get on a train! 


All the main leads are unbelievably hot. 


Who needs an umbrella when it’s raining…you got love & a coat!


Eat whatever the heck you want because you ain’t gaining a single pound!


The dancing is epic.


SRK is perfect.  


Everyone needs to be Poo from K3G



Alrighty, hope you enjoyed all the lols! With all jokes aside, I love everything Bollywood has to offer! GIFS courtesy of Giphy.



Life Diaries: My Favourite Celebrity Instagram Accounts-Bollywood Edition


Last week, I shared with you my favourite celebrity Instagram accounts. This week I’m going to share more of my favourite celebrity accounts but from Bollywood! Yes, Bollywood is a pretty big part of my life (I’m sure you have already noticed a few Bollywood inspired posts around here) and I figured why not share with you my favourite celebs’ Instagram accounts. With Bollywood celebrities, Instagram mainly showcase their fashion choices, promotional material for upcoming projects, endless selfies & sometimes fun behind the scene moments. As I had said earlier, I love seeing celebs who use social media to share candid fun moments from their lives along with their fashion choices. This is a perfect way to directly connect with their fans. Below you will find my favourite Bollywood celebrity accounts. I’ve also linked my favourite pictures from their accounts. 🙂

  1. Shraddha Kapoor (Family, fashion, fun, movies)
  2. Shahid Kapoor (Hottie. Need I say more?)
  3. Priyanka Chopra (Travel, fashion, beauty, endless selfies)
  4. Varun Dhawan (Witty & Cute)
  5. Sonam Kapoor (Ultimate Fashionista)
  6. Arjun Kapoor (Adorable. That is all)
  7. Sonakshi Sinha (Classy, sassy, & selfie lover)
  8. Riteish Deshmukh (Hilarious, love & all around fun)
  9. Nargis Fakhri (Real, relatable, funny & random) 

Happy Tuesday Dolls! x

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Best Dressed Celebrities: Bollywood Edition

My obsession with Bollywood is ridiculous. I have grown up watching these movies, singing the songs, dancing to the music, following their exciting gossip stories and emulating their fashion choices. It was only right that I incorporate it in my blog! Here are 10 of my favourite best dressed celebrities in Bollywood (in no particular order).


Sonam Kapoor: This girl is the reigning fashionista of Bollywood. You will see her rocking runway looks from both the Western and Indian world. She makes bold outfit choices that make her stand out. She knows how to rock any given look! (My favourite movie of hers? Aisha. Each outfit she wears in the movie deserves to be in any one’s closet.)


Shah Rukh Khan: He is the King of Bollywood. His dreamy looks makes him one of the best dressed men in Bollywood (not to mention he smells pretty good…yes I’ve met him and it was magical). Whenever SRK rocks a suit, the world stops and stares. (My favourite movie of his? Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Who doesn’t want a Raj in their life?)


Deepika Padukone: She’s the reigning princess of Bollywood. Her sense of style is always carried out with equal amounts of grace and elegance. Her classic fashion choices makes her one of the best dressed actresses in Bollywood. (My favourite movie of hers? Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Those Manish Malhotra sarees she wore are to die for!)


Aditya Roy Kapur: He is the best thing to happen to Bollywood right now (and my current crush). This handsome man knows how to dress without trying too hard. His effortless chic and laid back style makes him one of the best dressed men out there. (My favourite movie of his? All of them. Mark my words, he is a superstar in the making.) 


Priyanka Chopra: This Bollywood superstar has a flare for fashion and is the new GUESS girl. The fact that she was Miss World probably plays a huge part in the way she dresses. Everything from her hair to her shoes and in between are always on point, trust me I’ve met her in person. (My favourite movie of hers? Dostana. So very fun Miami chic!)


Arjun Kapoor: He is the underdog of Bollywood. He is always dressed to impress, which makes all the ladies swoon (including me..duh!). His sense of style paired up with his dreamy looks makes him one of the best dressed celebs in Bollywood. (My favourite movie of his? Ishaqzaade. Seriously, who doesn’t want to date a bad boy?)


Shilpa Shetty: She can rock the traditional Indian look perfectly in Bollywood. She has been in Bollywood forever and has never aged! Her style has evolved the most and this makes her every Indian designer’s muse. She always dresses elegantly whether she’s rocking a gown or a saree. (My favourite movie of hers? Phir Milenge. She was simply amazing!)


Ranbir Kapoor: He is the reigning prince of Bollywood right now. He’s hot, he’s nice, and he dresses exceptionally well. With that combination, you can’t really go wrong and no wonder he makes all the best dressed lists! His red carpet looks are as amazing as his non-red carpet looks. (My favourite movie of his? Wake Up Sid. He was phenomenal!)


Shraddha Kapoor: She is one of the most underrated actresses of Bollywood. Her style is relatable and attainable, which makes her one of the best dressed celebs out there. She looks stunning in every outfit she wears. Also, she always keeps her makeup and hair classy! (My favourite movie of hers? All of them. Bollywood needs to watch out for her!)


Abhay Deol: He’s one of Bollywood’s best actors. He knows how to dress well. His “boy next door” look makes him one of the best dressed celeb in Bollywood. He looks good in anything and everything, which is amazing because he does take some interesting risks now and then. (My favourite movie of his? All of them. He is one of the best out there!)

PS: Dear Aditya Roy Kapur and Arjun Kapoor, If you guys are ever in Toronto..we should SO hang out 😉 ! 

Happy Bollywood watching Dolls! x (also don’t be surprised if you see more Bollywood fashion content on here!)