Review: Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Quickie Contour Stick


So if you read my post last month, then you already know how excited I have been to try Benefit’s Hoola Quickie contour stick. Seriously, I am not by any means an expert at contouring. In fact, I still don’t understand how it works. I won’t lie though, I have tried it out at different events because of this very product but I’ve never really been able to master it…until I tried THIS product.


Benefit’s Hoola bronzer is a cult favourite. Anyone and everyone that knows anything about makeup has heard of that particular bronzer. When they decided to come out with a cream-stick version of it, I was beyond excited to try it. It’s a cream-to-powder formula which means that it goes on like a cream and it dries as a powder. Since it’s in a form of a stick, you just have to line the areas you’re trying to contour (hence the quickie part of the name) and blend either using your fingers, a brush or the Beauty Blender.


This soft matte bronzer has been one of my favourite products to try. I have to say when I tried this to contour my cheekbones, nose and jaw line…it worked like a charm. Never has a contour looked so natural in my life. It’s super bendable and the packaging is super cute. There’s no fragrance to it and I loved how easy it was to use. You can definitely build up the formula and layer with other products, if you’re looking to look super sculpted.


However, there is ONE slight issue. In a world where there are tons of different skin tones, I can’t see this working for my dolls that have a darker skin tone. In fact, it doesn’t really show up A LOT on my skin, unless I layer or build. But I like to use this for a natural looking contour, so it works out in my case. Although, I will mention…when I wanted to see if this can give me that Kardashian look, I found I was using a lot more product than any of my other bronzer/contour powder.

With everything being said, I do think this is a really good product Benefit has put out. Those who love the original boxed powders are going to absolutely love this because it’s easy to use, looks very natural and it’s very easy to build. Plus, it looks SO cute on your makeup counter. This product retails for $38 (CDN) at any Benefit counter!


  • Cream stick dries to a powder
  • Doesn’t irritate skin
  • Soft Matte bronzer/contour, doesn’t look shiny
  • Buildable and blends really easy


  • Shade might be a little to light for darker skin tones
  • You do end up using a lot of product if you have mid range skin tone

Rating: 8.5/10



What’s In My Makeup Bag: Travel Edition

Hi Dolls! Hope you’re doing well! If you haven’t checked out my last blog post, you can do so right here! As always, make sure you follow me on all my social media accounts listed on the right hand side of this page as well as the bottom of this post.


If you remember (this one goes out to the extremely loyal readers), I had previously posted a “what’s in my makeup bag” blog post a couple years ago. That was then and this is what I carry now when I travel (no matter the duration of time). Not only will I list the products here but I’ve also created a quick video (for all my fellow lazy-ers, who would rather see what I carry than read about it…I mean you can do both).

  1. MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Deep: This product is a multipurpose product for me. I use it as a setting powder. I use this product over a foundation primer. I sometimes use this as an eye shadow base (if I don’t want to wear an eye shadow).
  2. Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Waterproof Concealer in 10: I haven’t come across a better concealer just yet! You can wear this on its on or on top of your foundation. You don’t need a lot of product and it blends into your skin extremely well!
  3. MAC Cosmetics’ Lip Pencil in Whirl: This is perfect for traveling because I can wear this on its own on my lips for a “better than your actual lip colour” look (yes it is totally a thing and if it’s not, I’m making it a thing). I like to fill my lips with this liner and then dab some lip balm on top and it’s a great neutral lip look for the day!
  4. NARS’ Larger Than Life Eye liner in Vio Veneto: Hands down best black eye liner I have ever used. Period. Plus, it’s perfect to wear on your waterline and won’t smudge at all on a hot sunny day when you’re hiking or if you’re out on a boat (because those are CLEARLY what I do when I travel…for verification follow me on instagram).
  5. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in Trooper: Okay. I cannot and will not leave my house without this liquid liner.
  6. MAC Cosmetics’ Paint Pot in Groundwork: Again, I love wearing this on its own & on days I don’t want to do anything extravagant with my eyes. Also, this is a great base for your lids!
  7. NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: Literally, THE BEST. Nothing will move. Trust me. NOTHING!
  8. Christian Dior’s Crème De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm: Remember how I said I love wearing the Whirl lip liner on its own with some lip balm? This is the balm for that look! This keeps my lips smooth while adding a little life to my lips!
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown: Oh my brows love this so much!
  10. MAC Cosmetics’ Prep+Prime Fix+: When you travel, your skin’s moisture can get messed up (there are proven theories out there). I find this not only wakes up my face but it adds moisture for a nice dewey look! Also, this is a great mist for foiling eye shadows for a night time look!
  11. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel: Have I not made this obvious? I get lazy sometimes with my makeup. This product is great for putting on in the morning (either with brow wiz or on its own) and it’ll last until you take your makeup off!
  12. Christian Dior’s Diorshow Waterproof Mascara: My most trusted and used product for obvious reasons.
  13. Make Up For Ever’s HD setting Powder: Because ALL of your instagram selfies need to look awesome without a filter! Duh.
  14. Urban Decay’s Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Lip Pencil: I use this under the one coloured lipstick I take with me because it really holds on to your lip colour for the day without feathering!
  15. Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer with SPF 15: I love this primer! You can wear it literally under any type of foundation and it almost blurs out all visible imperfections! Plus, it has SPF 15!
  16. Smashbox’s Always On Liquid Lipstick in Bawse: Because everyone should feel like a BAWSE when they travel! Plus, you want your lips to have a pop of colour during night time outings!
  17. NARS’ Bronzer in Laguna: Everyone should have this product. You can contour or just add a little bit of colour to your face!
  18. Urban Decay’s Naked Basics’ Eye Shadow Palette: You can create day time looks and night time looks with this palette. Plus, I love the compact size!
  19. Tom Ford Beauty’s Cheek Colour in Wicked: I’m literally so obsessed with this blush!! It’s pretty. It’s also buildable, so you can dab a bit during the day and a bit more for the night!
  20. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Annapurna Medium 2: This is one of the easiest and comfortable wearing liquid foundation I’ve tried! It’s a buildable tinted moisturizer, which is perfect for traveling!
  21. Smashbox’s Always Sharp liner in Royal: In case you want a pop of colour with all your neutral eye looks!
  22. Tools: They range from Tarte to Sephora brand and are literally just brushes which work for me!

See you in the next post!



Review: Benefit’s The Porefessional Balm


Oh my! Where has the time flown? We’re 4 months away from the New Year (okay, I know that’s still a while away but you catch my drift). Today, I’m back with another product review! This time it’s a foundation primer/pore minimizing balm created by Benefit Cosmetics. If you aren’t already aware, then let me tell you how much I love Benefit as a brand! They’ve barely let me down (at least from the products that I’ve tried so far). This particular product is touted by them as a professional translucent balm that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. Since it’s also a foundation primer, it claims to create a smooth canvas for the application of makeup! On top of all that, the silky and lightweight formula mattifies any shiny parts of the face too. It’s oil free & contains Vitamin E. So after all these claims, you know I had to give it a whirl!

My verdict?

Before I get into how I feel about this product, let me tell you that I’ve been trying this product for roughly 6-7 months now. With that being said, this is one of the most smoothest foundation primers I have ever tried! First of all, your pores are blurred out completely with this product! I have large pores and I know that you can’t get rid of them that quickly, but this product does minimize the appearance! Which is great because when you apply a light to medium coverage foundation, you won’t have to worry about your pores! Also, it’s completely translucent, which is perfect for any skin tone. Secondly, the formula is incredibly easy to use and apply to your skin. It’s silky, smooth and pretty much melts into your skin when you apply it. It doesn’t feel heavy, which is a HUGE plus point for any foundation primer Thirdly, it works fantastically as a base for any sort of makeup application. I found that my makeup stayed on and didn’t really move around, which is a standard with any good primer. Also, when I applied this as a base, it definitely did mattify my T-Zone area. All in all, this is a phenomenal primer and has worked wonders for me! The only downside to this product is its hefty price. At a whopping $39 (CDN), it’s expensive but I think totally worth it, especially if you have large pores. If you’ve got the funds, then this is definitely worth the try. I picked mine up at Sephora, you can get yours at any Benefit retailers!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Lightweight, easy to use, silky formula
  • Minimizes the appearances of pores
  • Great foundation primer
  • Mattifies oily areas, translucent


  • Price

Rating: 9.5/10 (I deducted half a point for its price because I feel like there might be similar products out there for a lower price but personally, I found this primer to be pretty amazing for my combination oily skin.)

IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6262 IMG_6263




Review: Benefit Cosmetics’ Browzings in Dark



Benefit has been my favourite brand of cosmetics for a while now. I’ve never really been disappointed by any of the products that I have tried from them. So when I picked this up, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Benefit Cosmetics’ Browzings is an eyebrow shaping kit, that includes a mini tweezer, a blending brush, an angled brush, pigmented wax and setting powder. I picked up the shade dark, since my eyebrows are dark (duh). My first impression of this product was pretty good. The size of the product is great for travel and it comes with a compact mirror, so you can’t really go wrong!

My verdict?


I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now and I can safely say that this has to be one of the most useful makeup products that I own. First of all, I absolutely love the size and packaging of this product. It’s perfect for travel as well as it’s discreet enough to toss into your makeup bag (no matter the size). Secondly, this kit has everything you need. The tweezers are perfect for little stray hairs that appear in between me getting my eyebrows threaded. Also, the blending brush & the angled brush are perfect for the powder and the wax in this kit. Third of all, the powder and the wax are amazing! The pigmented wax defines and shapes my brows perfectly, while keeping them in place. The setting powder is great to fill in sparse areas. On top of that, the powder has a soft finish. Honestly, I use this for every occasion and I find that this kit does everything you want it to do for your brows. All in all, this is a phenomenal brow kit! At $42 (CDN), it really is worth every single dime. It will last you a long time and you really are getting a lot of product for the money. I picked mine up at a local Sephora, but you can get yours anywhere that sells Benefit products!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Pigmented Wax keeps brows in place
  • Setting Powder has a soft finish
  • Kit includes everything that you need
  • Compact packaging with a mirror; simple & easy to use


  • None!

Rating: 10/10 (This is one eyebrow product I know I cannot live without! This is definitely worth a try for anyone looking for an eyebrow kit)

IMG_7015 IMG_7011 IMG_7014


Review: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara


I have been dying to try this mascara out for the longest time. Mainly, because everyone I knew that has used it, keeps raving about it. Since, everyone is now well aware of how obsessed I am with trying new mascaras. I had to go ahead and give this one a whirl.

What’s is it?


Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is a mascara that has been formulated to transform your lashes for the better. It’s a jet-black mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates your lashes for a wide-eyed “spectacular out to here look”. The brush is not your typical brush. It has staggered bristles that grab close to the root, so that the formula covers every bit of your lashes. Even the tip of the brush has bristles, so that you can reach even the tiniest of lashes. The formula is long wearing, but not completely waterproof. But it does promise you that you will have silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump or dry out and it’ll give you a luxurious effect.

My Verdict?

Okay, I’ve been using this for a little while now, and I must say it’s a pretty decent mascara. This mascara, 100%, curled my lashes from root to tip with no clumping or problems. It also gave my lashes a thick jet black coating with one swipe, which is a huge plus for me. My lashes weren’t clumpy or dry. In fact, they were soft to touch. My only issue with this mascara is the fact that it isn’t waterproof and there isn’t a waterproof formula out yet. I get really paranoid with the fact that it might smudge and make me look like I have raccoon eyes, so that is why I always opt for any waterproof version of any mascara. With that being said, the product did claim not to smudge and to be completely honest, it didn’t smudge. Despite not being waterproof, that was something that really impressed me. The brush is pretty unique. I found that it really did get to every single lash on my eyelid. At $29 (CDN), I definitely think this is a must try for any mascara lovers. I did see a definite change in my lashes and the product’s claims are one thousand percent correct. I only wish it was waterproof or there was a waterproof version of this mascara! But I will say, that for a formula that isn’t waterproof, this product didn’t once budge nor did it smudge. You can purchase this at any Benefit retailers!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Jet black colour
  • Great formula, lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates lashes
  • Doesn’t dry out your lashes
  • Doesn’t smudge easily, long wear
  • Easy to use, great brush and bristles


  • Not Waterproof

Rating: 9/10 (I deducted a mark mainly because it wasn’t waterproof but despite that, this is a pretty amazing mascara everyone should try out!)

IMG_4239 IMG_4243 IMG_4244


Review: Benefit’s Posietint


I have been loving trying out Benefit’s line of liquid lip/cheek stains lately (read my review on Benefit’s Benetint right here). Benefit’s line of cheek and lip stains have been getting rave reviews lately, so I was extremely excited to try this particular colour. I was very impressed with Benetint, so my expectations for Posietint was probably a lot higher than it should’ve been. Benefit’s Posietint is the same thing as their Benetint, only in a light petal pink colour. This product is meant to give you a natural looking flush on your cheeks and a natural tint to your lips. The colour is sheer, but it’s meant to leave a noticeable amount of colour wherever you apply it. According to Benefit, this product is completely smudge/budge proof. It’s a liquid-gel formula, which makes it easy to blend on to your cheeks/lips. It’s supposed to be perfect for all complexions and the longevity of this product is amazing. Now with this many claims, I was dying to try this out especially since Benetint is one of my all time favourite stains!

My verdict?


I can’t say I love it more than Benetint because that to me is perfect as a stain, but I do like this product for what it does. Firstly, the packaging is one of my favourites. It’s like a nail polish bottle and the size is pretty generous. The brush tip is perfect for application but make sure you blend right away because the product dries really quickly. Secondly, the longevity of this stain is one of the best I have ever seen or experienced. It didn’t budge, smudge or move at all. I had to use makeup remover to remove it. Thirdly, I love the formula of this stain. The liquid’s consistency isn’t runny and it’s gel like, which is perfect for when you have to blend this. It blends incredibly well, which is great because it leaves you with the most natural looking application (although this might take a few tries to achieve). Lastly, the colour pay off is not completely horrible. It’s a sheer colour, which I expected, but I found that for the colour to appear on my cheeks, I had to apply it a few times to build the colour. Also, I think my expectation was extremely high since I was comparing it to Benetint, which has an amazing colour pay off. After trying this for a while, I figured that perhaps this colour is meant for lighter complexions than darker ones. Not to say that it didn’t work, I still did get a natural flush but as I said I had to build the colour up. I think this will be an incredible product with people with lighter skin tones. All in all, this is a fantastic product. You aren’t really being lied to when you read all about the claims this makes. At $36(CDN), you can purchase this at any Benefit retailers (I got this from Sephora). Buy this, if you want a super natural light pink stain on your lips and cheeks.

Happy Shopping Dolls! x 


  • Smudge proof; doesn’t budge until you use make up remover.
  • Doesn’t dry out your skin.
  • Looks super natural when you apply, blends really well
  • Lasted literally for the whole day.


  • Price (not a huge issue for me but could be a problem for others).
  • Make sure to apply to one cheek at a time to avoid streaks.
  • Takes a few tries before you can master using this, especially as a cheek product (which again once you get a hang off, it’s easy).
  • The colour might be too sheer for my skin tone, but you do see a subtle colour.

Rating: 8/10 (This is a great product for someone with a lighter skin tone than mine. The formula is phenomenal!)



Review: Benefit Cosmetics’ High Beam


Benefit has slowly and steadily become one of my favourite cosmetics company to purchase products from. I find that they tend to offer quality products for a decent amount of money (you can’t go wrong there). This particular product I had tried years ago at a Sephora store and was intrigued by it. This liquid highlighter, which looks like a nail polish bottle, is a satiny pink coloured highlighter. This highlighter is meant to accent your cheek and brow bones as well as your cupid’s bow above your lips (trust me this is the best way to get the perfect pout when wearing a bold colour). This highlighter leaves a dewy, radiant glow without any sparkles and glitter for a subtle luminous glow. You can use this alone as a normal highlighter or you can mix this with your moisturizer for an all over soft natural glow (How cool is that?). Benefit markets this as a “supermodel in a bottle” which is perfect for all skin tones (and you know I had to give it a whirl when a product comes with a tag line like that).

My verdict?

I completely understand why Benefit calls this product their “supermodel in a bottle”. I am so in love with this highlighter that I often find myself using this product. Firstly, the packaging of this product is amazing. It looks like nail polish but is super simple to use. Secondly, it leaves the perfect highlight effect for my skin tone. I find that it instantly makes my face look brighter and glowy. I’ve mixed this with my daily moisturizer and the effect I got was amazing. I had an all over glow, just like this product claimed. Mostly, I use this product on top of my makeup to highlight and accent certain parts of my face. I found that when I highlighted the brow bone, I got an instant lift making my eyes looks more awake. As I mentioned earlier, this is my favourite highlighter to use on the cupid’s bow above my lip, when I use a bold lip colour. Seriously, I get the perfect doll-like pout! Also, If you swipe this down the bridge of your nose and contour with a bronzer, you will seriously get that “supermodel” look. This product also blends really well. It might go on pink but once you blend you are left with a subtle highlight perfect for all skin tones! Lastly, the price of this product in relation to the size of this product is amazing. For $32 (CDN), you really are getting a big sized bottle that will probably last you a while (I have had a sample size for a while now, which I haven’t been able finish and I use it often). All in all, this is one heck of an amazing product and it truly is a “Supermodel” in a bottle! If you’re a newbie to highlighters, this product is perfect for you. It’s easy to use and the concept is simple. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Benefit’s website is full of tips and tricks! This is one of my favourite highlighters and I cannot wait to purchase it again once I’m done. I can’t go to a night-time event without this product on! You can purchase this at any Benefit retailer (I got mine at Sephora) and/or online!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Not glittery, shimmery
  • Sheeny Pink Satin colour, which disappears when you blend
  • Blends really well, leaves you with a fresh, dewy glowy finish!
  • Supermodel in a bottle


  • None, but I can see the price being an issue for some…but think of it as a long-term investment!

Rating: 10/10 (One of the best highlighters I have ever used, if not the best one. I can’t imagine any major event without this product on my face!)