Review: Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Quickie Contour Stick


So if you read my post last month, then you already know how excited I have been to try Benefit’s Hoola Quickie contour stick. Seriously, I am not by any means an expert at contouring. In fact, I still don’t understand how it works. I won’t lie though, I have tried it out at different events because of this very product but I’ve never really been able to master it…until I tried THIS product.


Benefit’s Hoola bronzer is a cult favourite. Anyone and everyone that knows anything about makeup has heard of that particular bronzer. When they decided to come out with a cream-stick version of it, I was beyond excited to try it. It’s a cream-to-powder formula which means that it goes on like a cream and it dries as a powder. Since it’s in a form of a stick, you just have to line the areas you’re trying to contour (hence the quickie part of the name) and blend either using your fingers, a brush or the Beauty Blender.


This soft matte bronzer has been one of my favourite products to try. I have to say when I tried this to contour my cheekbones, nose and jaw line…it worked like a charm. Never has a contour looked so natural in my life. It’s super bendable and the packaging is super cute. There’s no fragrance to it and I loved how easy it was to use. You can definitely build up the formula and layer with other products, if you’re looking to look super sculpted.


However, there is ONE slight issue. In a world where there are tons of different skin tones, I can’t see this working for my dolls that have a darker skin tone. In fact, it doesn’t really show up A LOT on my skin, unless I layer or build. But I like to use this for a natural looking contour, so it works out in my case. Although, I will mention…when I wanted to see if this can give me that Kardashian look, I found I was using a lot more product than any of my other bronzer/contour powder.

With everything being said, I do think this is a really good product Benefit has put out. Those who love the original boxed powders are going to absolutely love this because it’s easy to use, looks very natural and it’s very easy to build. Plus, it looks SO cute on your makeup counter. This product retails for $38 (CDN) at any Benefit counter!


  • Cream stick dries to a powder
  • Doesn’t irritate skin
  • Soft Matte bronzer/contour, doesn’t look shiny
  • Buildable and blends really easy


  • Shade might be a little to light for darker skin tones
  • You do end up using a lot of product if you have mid range skin tone

Rating: 8.5/10



Review: Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna


Ah I’ve figured out the best way to cure the winter blues, just wear a little bit of bronzer and I guarantee that you will instantly feel like summer is just around the corner. Nars, as everyone knows, is one of the top leading high-end makeup brand out there. Everyone from celebrities to the average everyday person has heard or used this particular brand. It’s one of my favourites because I have rarely ever been disappointed by the quality of their products. So when I was reading about the Nars bronzer in Laguna, I had to see for myself what everyone was raving about! This bronzer in Laguna is a true brown-based bronzer with subtle gold shimmer so that you are left with healthy, glowing, tanned skin without making a trip to the tanning salon or the islands! Laguna is described as a diffused brown powder with golden shimmer. It’s meant to create an all-over warmth or contour for the face. It’s finely milled powders fills in lines and pores for smother, more even looking complexion. This shade is natural looking and perfect for all skin tones.

My Verdict?


I’ve been using this bronzer for a couple of years now and I can say that I am very impressed with what this bronzer has to offer. Now this product does say that it can be used as a contour, but for me that wasn’t the case because the colour is fairly light for my skin tone. But as a bronzer, I love this product! Every claim it makes is true. Firstly, the colour pay off as a bronzer is great! It’s got a slight golden kissed shimmer, which is perfect for a bronzer. After applying this on my cheeks and temples, my face really did have that perfect natural/healthy sun-kissed glow without really being sun-kissed (ha! The art of makeup). Secondly, the formula and texture of this product is incredible. It’s smooth to touch and not powdery at all. It glides perfectly on to your skin without drying it out. The finish of the product is a sheeny/satiny finish. Lastly, longevity wise, this product lasted on my skin and didn’t budge until I used a makeup remover to remove it. So all in all, this is a really good  quality bronzer for those who want a natural subtle glow. With that being said there are a few negatives. The price is incredibly high. At a whopping $62 (CDN), it really will be an investment for some. For me, it wasn’t a huge deal because of the size of the product. You really are getting a huge amount (I’ve used this a lot and barely hit the pan). Also, the packaging is good, you get a pretty big mirror attached to the bronzer! The other issue is that this particular bronzer might be too light for darker skin tones, which is why I wasn’t able to use it as a contour. But again, if it’s only a bronzer you want, then this is a phenomenal product. But I do believe that fairer skin tones will benefit more from this shade and will be able to use it as a contour. You can purchase this at any Nars counters (I got mine at Sephora).

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Gives you a natural, healthy, sun-kissed glow
  • Not glittery, but slightly shimmery without going overboard
  • Colour pay off is decent
  • Smooth and soft texture/formula
  • Quality bronzer
  • Packaging includes a mirror


  • Price
  • Not a versatile product for darker skin tones
  • Can’t be used as a contour for darker skin tones

Rating: 8/10 (This really is a great product for anyone who wants that “I just came back from the Bahamas” look. I had to deduct two points for the price as well as because I wasn’t able to use this as a contour)

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