Review: Esqido Gel Eyeliner in Black & Brown


When Esqido sent me these babies to try out, I was so excited! If you have been long time readers of this blog, then you already know how obsessed I am with eyeliners! Seriously. I cannot go anywhere without some sort of eyeliner on my lids or waterline!


What is it: These eyeliners are gel eyeliners that come in two shades: Black and Brown. It is pigmented, silky smooth and comes in the form of a retractable and sharpenable pen! One of my favourite things about these liners are the fact they come with an air-tight silicon ring closure around the top of the pencil. This helps the liner not dry out and last long! The pencils also come with a built-in sharpener attached at the bottom of the pencil! You can buy these online on Esqido’s website for $16 a pop (be sure to visit their website soon because they’re having a promo for these liners where you can get them both for the price of one!).


The Pros: Let’s talk about how gel liners are literally the best thing ever created on this planet. Gel liners are perfect for everyday use because they glide on smooth and are extremely easy to use. Although, the down side to gel liners are that they tend to dry out a lot sooner than most eyeliners. This is NOT the case with Esqido’s liners. I have never been SO impressed with a gel liner! Even though these were sent to me, I can definitely tell you that I will hundred percent purchase these once I’m done using the two colours. The formula of these are incredible! It’s smooth, soft and super pigmented! One of the main reasons why I love these so much is because they lasted all day and all night on my eyes without smudging at all! I used them on my waterline and it stayed put! One swipe is all you need for these because they are incredibly pigmented. Also, I love that it’s retractable, making it easy to use when you’re traveling! If you want a precise tip all the time, you can use the sharpener attached at the bottom of the pencil (it’s SOO easy to use). These also pair well with ANY make up looks and false lashes! Another thing I loved about this was that it blended super well when I was doing a smoky eye look. This didn’t irritate my eyes nor did it dry out! Seriously, if you’re in the market to try a good gel liner this is it! They’re also matte. It definitely was waterproof because I wore these to a wedding last weekend and it did NOT smudge through the tears.

The Cons: GIVE ME MORE COLOURS! Currently, it is only available in Brown and Black but I can’t wait for bold colours, Esqido make this happen!!

Overall Rating: 10/10


You can purchase yours here!


Life Diaries: What Bengali Kids Do At A Bengali Event…

Hi Dolls!

Ever wondered what I do when my parents throw a party at my house? If you watch my FIRST ever vlog, then you will find out!

Every year, my mom throws her annual Bengali New Year party and every year no one believes me that my house converts into a crazy mad house (in the best way possible, of course). So THIS year, I decided why not use this party as my first VLOG post on YouTube. Sorry for the shakiness, let’s all keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve ever really flipped a camera towards me and talked to an invisible (I guess not so invisible) audience!

In this vlog, not only will you see this party in its full swing but you will also see what US (the kids…) really do. Also, you can see me miserably fail at trying to parallel park…like who needs to know how to do that anyways right?

Anyways, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and all my other posts as well as checking the video out below. I will really appreciate it if you subscribed to both the blog and my channel.

Don’t forget all my socials are listed on the RIGHT hand side of this blog! Shout out to all the aunties that were game to be in the vlog as well as all my friends and family that were present! 🙂 Love.






Review: Tarte’s SmolderEyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Gunmetal


Eyeliners are a staple in any makeup lover’s kit. They come in different sizes, colours, finishes and textures these days. Being a liner addict, I’m always trying out different eyeliners on a week to week basis. Tarte is one of my favourite makeup brands ever. In fact, this brand was the first ever brand I had purchased my first ever makeup from. Tarte’s SmolderEyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof liners are versatile. You can use them as liners, as shadows, and/or a base. They are the jumbo size pencils that have the liner on one side and a smudger on the other side. It’s created with Amazonian clay, which works to nourish your lids and reduce any surface oil. According to Tarte, these liners are super waterproof, pigment packed and easy to use. The shade Gunmetal is a brownish grey with sheen. This liner is also vegan.

My Verdict?

This has to be one of Tarte’s greatest creations. I absolutely love this liner to pieces. Firstly, it’s so versatile. This one liner can do so much. You can use it as a normal eyeliner to line your lower and upper lash line. You can use it as a base to make other eye shadow colours pop. You can use it to create the ultimate smoky/sultry eye look by using the smudger end of the liner to soften the lines you’ve created. Secondly, the longevity of this product wear is insane! It did not budge, move or even smudge until I used makeup remover to remove it. It lasted pretty much all night long. It’s waterproof, which is the main thing I look for in an eyeliner. Thirdly, the formula and texture of this product is phenomenal. The texture is buttery smooth but still firm enough to get a good strong line on your eyes. You can soften the lines easily without it looking messy. The formula is so great that the liner just glides on your lids. The inclusion of Amazonian clay in its ingredients is a plus point. Every claim made is true. My eyelids didn’t feel dry or oily. Lastly, I love this colour. It’s the perfect brownish gunmetal colour. It looks great by itself and paired with other colours. This particular colour gives you the perfect smoldering eyes. All in all, this is a fantastic product that I think everyone should own and I can’t wait to purchase some of the other colours in this range. At $26 (CDN), it is a hefty price but think of it as an investment. You can purchase this at any Tarte retailer or online!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Waterproof, smudge proof, sweat proof
  • Glides on perfectly, amazing buttery smooth texture
  • Double sided, smudger on one side and liner on the other side
  • Beautiful colour
  • Great longevity, doesn’t come off unless you use makeup remover


  • Price can be an issue for some

Rating: 9.5/10 (One of the best jumbo liners I have ever tried and I recommend this product to everyone who’s a liner junkie!)

IMG_3424IMG_3425 IMG_3426