My Gym Playlist


Hello Dolls! Hope you’re having a splendid day! If you didn’t check out my previous blog post, then you can do so by clicking right here. Also, keep up with me on Instagram! As I mentioned in this post, I’ve finally got an updated gym playlist for you (this was on my playlist before...has it changed? You tell me)! Here are all the tunes that keep me motivated at the gym…even on those sluggish days. I’ve linked them, so you can click on the names and listen. Please don’t blame me for an impromptu dance party though 😏

  1. Play Hard- David Guetta ft. Ne-Yo & Akon
  2. Hotline Bling- Drake 
  3. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
  4. Shape Of You- Ed Sheeran (IN LOVE)
  5. Not Nice- Partynextdoor
  6. Formation- Beyonce
  7. Just Like That (Part 2) – Roy Woods
  8. Worst Behaviour- Drake (I honestly forget I’m working out and I’m speaking to everything negative that’s in my life lolz)
  9. Run Up – Major Lazer ft. Partynextdoor & Nicki Minaj (this one’s a new one I’m obsessed with!)
  10. Bossy- Kelis
  11. Flawless- Beyonce 
  12. The Greatest-Sia
  13. Started From The Bottom- Drake
  14. Sorry- Justin Bieber
  15. False Alarm- The Weeknd
  16. I Just Wanna Love U- Jay Z ft. Pharrell 
  17. Only Girl- Rihanna
  18. Fade-Kanye West
  19. 24K Magic- Bruno Mars 
  20. Crazy In Love – Beyonce and Jay Z

Now you know the real reason why I’m always jamming out at the gym 😛

See you in the post!



PS…a bollywood version is coming your way 😉

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Fashion Diaries: Best Dressed Celebs at the VMAs 2016

Hello Dolls! It’s VMAs time and you know what that means? I’m bringing you a list of all the lovely (I’m going to assume they are lovely in person) celebs that were dressed to impress! But before I get to that list, here are some of my thoughts on the show: Why wasn’t there a host? I think Jay Pharoah would’ve been a great choice. The performance Beyonce put on was nothing short of perfect. The VMAs honoured Rihanna in a pretty great way…& also gave the audience what they wanted: Drake declaring his love for Riri (thank you, all men take note). Kanye was well…Kanye (sup with his new video though?). All in all, it was an interesting show but what I loved about is the different fashion trends that were seen on the carpet (duh!). Here are my favourite looks from the night:

beyonce-zoom-f46c6b6d-9314-4eda-b7f3-527aac1b1a33 Beyonce & Blue Ivy

Seriously, if Blue is slaying at this age…I can’t even imagine what she will do in 10 years! Also, Queen B looks amazing as always. (Mother/Daughter goals..tbh) 

Ariana-Grande-MTV-VMA-red-carpet-2016-billboard-1240Ariana Grande

Off The Shoulder Top+Black Lace+High Pony+Choker+All black= Hitting EVERY single fashion trend out there right now out of the park (gorg galore).

19924269c9df3fb232c0bd1bbb265717Jay Pharoah

Well dressed men just do it for me. Jay looks effortless and stylish…Also, this is how you wear a grey blazer (call me plz)tove-lo-zoom-678024aa-f0ed-47e1-acea-262a5028b6dcTove Lo

TBH if I could wear this to every big event, I would. I mean how comfy chic does this look? Can I have those runners to wear with everything forever?

Chainsmokers-MTV-VMA-red-carpet-2016-billboard-1240The Chainsmokers

Baesically, this is how you wear baesic colours to look baetastic (I didn’t go overboard did I?)


Sheer bedazzled jumpsuits are a thing now. Thanks to Halsey. Also…that dark lip…love!

340c40091197f0ffe9dc613eafb49d7eSasheer Zamata

Tasteful Ruffles in red? Hells yah, I’m recreating this look at some point in the next week! She looks gawjus!

rs_634x1024-160828163136-634-hailey-baldwin-mtv-vmas-arrivals.82716Hailey Baldwin

I’m pretty sure I would wear this all the time. Yup. At the Gym. At the Grocery Store. Maybe, even during a FroYo run. This outfit is BEAUTIFUL!

GettyImages-597561958-981x1474Britney Spears

Britney’s Back, B**ch (I’m trying to keep it a little PG). Seriously, I will never say anything bad about her. She is forever a glam doll. Also, those shoes!

Rihanna-Hair-Makeup-2016-MTV-Video-Music-Awards Rihanna’s opening act

Uhm THAT HAIR. THOSE LIPS. PRINCESS RIRI just gave me my go-to look for this weekend!

rihanna-drake-8c65532b-5594-43b7-9bbe-d383b39b9599Drake giving Rihanna the Vanguard Award

Y’all know my love for Drake. He comes to this show late (fashionably of course) and then he declares his love for RiRi (since he was 22? Damn boi!) but the best part of this all is not only this hottie looks incredibly handsome in his Tom Fords but he and Rihanna literally make the cutest duo (notice how I said duo…given there’s no confirmation of a relationship…but he did get her a billboard msg…) 

37AB710300000578-0-image-a-2_1472435799179Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson

Cute. *barf * Kidding. These two look so adorable together! Plus, men who dress well effortlessly will ALWAYS make this list…or any of my lists for that matter 😉

Images Courtesy of E!online, Getty, UsWeekly 

Do you agree? Did I miss someone? See you in the next post dolls! Also, make sure to check out all my socials (on the right side of this page) & YouTube adventures! 


Life Diaries: November Favourites

  1. Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Eau De Parfum (This is light, airy and perfect for any workplace)
  2. Skinny Red Satin Hairband (The best way to dress up a bad hair day and I’ve had a lot this past month)
  3. Statement Necklaces (This is just so pretty)
  4. Clinique’s Moisture Surge Gel-Cream (Now that winter is fully here, this has been a lifesaver for my skin)
  5. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette (You can really create any eye look with this palette!)
  6. Nars’ Blush in Dolce Vita (This is the perfect blush for nights out)
  7. Compact Wallet/Phone case (I’ve been carrying smaller purses lately & this is a compact way to carry essentials)
  8. YSL Glossy Lip Stain in Rose Vinyl (I cannot get enough of this glossy stain)
  9. Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album (This CD has been replayed so many times that I had to include it here)
  10. Candy Canes (The Holidays are here and for me that means endless candy canes on a daily basis!)
  11. Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Lotion (This is the perfect night time moisturizer for your skin. It’s soothing & smells great)

Top 5 most played songs on my iPod

  1. L.A. Love- Fergie
  2. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
  3. Backseat Freestyle- Kendrick Lamar
  4. 0 to 100- Drake
  5. Are You That Somebody- Aaliyah ft. Timbaland



Life Diaries: My Favourite Celebrity Instagram Accounts

IMG_0574This is my fav from my own instagram account!

Who doesn’t love stalking celebs on Instagram (I know you all do)? I often find myself spending a good chunk of time (when I have free time, I swear) checking out different celeb’s Instagram accounts. It’s amazing to see how they use this aspect of social media to connect with the fans. Some love to only talk about upcoming projects and promotions, while some love to share different aspects of their lives. Either way, the fact that they use this to connect with their fans directly is super cool! Instagram is pretty addictive, if I say so myself, so it’s fun to see some celebrities go crazy on there with selfies (hello Kim K). What are my favourite things to see on a celeb’s instagram account? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle & family pictures. I don’t mind celebs promoting their projects but I prefer celebs who showcase their personalities through their pictures. Below you will find my favourite celebrity Instagram accounts I love to follow and I’ve linked my favourite pictures as well:

  1. Beyonce (It’s Queen B, enough said)
  2. Zac Efron (Hottie alert. That is all)
  3. Diane Kruger (Her life is astonishing & her boyfriend is really hot)
  4. James Franco (Insane amounts of selfies paired with humour)
  5. Lauren Conrad (Her account is as graceful & elegant as she is)
  6. Scott Disick (Lord Disick’s pictures will make you go “ooo” and giggle)
  7. Mindy Kaling (Fashion. Humour. Best Captions)
  8. Drake (Canadian. Rapper. Hot)
  9. Kourtney Kardashian (Fashionista, Mom, fellow Aries, & a Kardashian)
  10. Anderson Cooper (My political crush. Anything he posts will get loved) 
  11. Gwen Stefani (To quote her song, “Damn, you’ve got some wicked style”) 
  12. Nazem Kadri (NHL Players are even hotter off the ice)
  13. Nicole Richie (Funny, Fashion forward, & cool)
  14. Josh Duhamel (Hilarious, All love, & a hot dad) 
  15. Victoria Beckham (She’s a self-made fashion mogul & a Beckham) 

Happy Sunday Dolls! x