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What To Wear To A Fashion Show

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending International Fashion Encounter’s Fashion Show/SuperModel Canada Search contest (thanks Toronto Fashion Academy for hooking it up) and I figured why not share with you all the wisdom I’ve gained about fashion shows! So without further adieu here are some tips on what you should wear at a fashion show:

  1. Wear your the uncomfortable fashionable pair of shoes you own: Listen, you’re going to be sitting for 85% of the night, so might as well make use of THAT pair of heels you have a love/hate relationship with. Also, you don’t have to wear heels, you can wear boots, flats, sandals etc. Just don’t wear sneakers unless they’re like blinged out Yeezys, speaking of which…has Kanye put out blinged out Yeezys yet?
  2. Use a bold pop of colour so you stick out: Honestly, this can be the colour of your outfit, shoes, accessories and/or makeup. Just make sure it’s bold enough to stand out! I wore a bold magenta lip to offset my all black look (clearly I don’t have a soul). Also, I wore a tarnished gold jewelry to match the gold detailing on my ankle boots (see details matter because other fashionistas at this thing are doing it…and probably judging…okay maybe not…but you catch my drift).
  3. Carry the most expensive or expensive looking purse you own: I’m not telling you to go buy that Louis Vuitton AM you’ve been craving (or maybe I am) but this is the perfect time to whip out that purse you have hidden in its dust bag because you don’t want to ruin it (I carried my Marc Jacobs Crossbody). Or if you really want to be bold, you can carry that all-glitter clutch you bought because why not (just me?).
  4. Wear loads of blingy jewelry: Okay, maybe not loads but enough so you’ve frosted yourself (if you know what I’m referencing, tweet me…shameless promo). You want to be classy and subtle yet fashionable. One of the ladies from the Real Housewives of Toronto attended the show and she had probably one of the most beautiful blinged chokers I’ve ever seen!
  5. Be…add your personality to your whole look: You don’t want to look like everyone else because you are NOT everyone else. You are you and make sure everyone around you is aware of all your awesomeness. One of the attendees wore a light up pocket square as a part of his all dark pant/suit. Can you say amazing?! There was also someone in all silver..and when I say all silver..he painted his face and dyed his hair silver…SLAY.
  6. You don’t need to go ALL out, this isn’t Prom: Okay, no one needs to see excessive body parts or over the top gowns…this is a CLASSY affair so keep it simple and keep it classy! Dress like you’re going to be photographed for a profile picture that’s going to be your picture for your whole life (does that even make sense? if it doesn’t I’m I’m not. whatever).
  7. Go through your closet before you purchase anything for your #OOTN…: Honestly, majority of the reason why I attend any event that requires me to put in copious amounts of efforts is because of Instagram (what has my life come to). Yes, you want to look spiffy…but NO, you do not need to spend a ton. Last time I went to this very fashion show, I dug out my closet and found a dress I hadn’t worn with the tag still on it. I basically dressed it up to make it fashion worthy (cuz you know tip #5).
  8. …and if you do want to purchase an item for your #OOTN, look for sales: This year I did purchase a dress for this particular show but believe me, I’m a bargain hunter and was able to find my outfit for 65% of its original price (YUS). So if you do need to buy something…go shopping for sales…FYI: obvs this is not a last-minute thing.
  9. Make sure you have a phone charger handy: You’re going to be taking loads of pictures and updating your social media account all night long (again, what has my life really come to?) or you need an UBER…so make sure you’ve got a portable phone charger ready!
  10. Eat before you go or have snacks handy: Fashion shows DO not serve food…because…obviously no one wants to promote eating (okay I’m not throwing shade I promise but it’s probz because no one wants to smear their makeup with food…although I wouldn’t care if they serve me McNuggets). Make sure you eat before hand or make a mickydees run after because these shows go on for a while and you will get hungry. Also, don’t drink on an empty stomach…not the prettiest thing AND make sure you bring cash for the bar.

But most of all, HAVE LOADS OF FUN! I truly have a blast each time I go to IFE’s shows. They’re fun, exciting and you really get a taste of what the fashion world in Toronto is like!

Head to Instagram to see what I wore! Abril Cereva designed the dress on the model above  and the picture is courtesy of Azmat’s Photography!




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Makeup Diaries: The Purple Haze Eye


Hey dolls! Remember a little while ago, I had gone to a fashion show and I blogged all about it? If you need a refresher, you can click right here! Well, I wanted to share with you what I wore and what my makeup look was. The purple haze eye look is one of my favourite eye makeup looks to wear. I find that it’s unique, fun and perfect for a night out. Also, it makes my brown eyes pop! Below, I’ve shared with you how to get the Purple Haze eye look, what other makeup products I had on and what I had worn. Have fun recreating this look and remember you can always change things to make it more unique to your own style. Just to let you know that I only used one eye shadow palette for this eye look (The Vice 3 by Urban Decay), but you can definitely find dupes for the eye shadows so that you can recreate it. Lastly, if you aren’t following me on my various social media accounts, then do so (Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest & Instagram). Hope you guys enjoy this look!


The Purple Haze:

Step 1: Take an eye shadow primer of your choice and apply all over the eyelids, including the lower eyelids and brow bone. I’m using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original.


Step 2: With a flat shadow brush, take a light matte pink shadow and apply all over the lids and brow bone (this will be your highlight colour as well). I used the shade “Truth” from the Vice 3 Palette.


Step 3: Take a bright pink shadow, I used “Alien”, and apply in the first 1/3 of the lids using the same flat shadow brush you used earlier. Focus more in the inner corners of the lid.


Step 4: Using a bright maroon-purple colour, I used the shade “Alchemy” (which is one of my fav shadows of all time now), apply all over the lid. You want to layer this on top of the two shades you just applied, this will make the colour intense.


Step 5: Take a grape purple colour, I’m using “Vanity”, and apply again on the eyelid, focusing more in the center. This way the shade “Alchemy” peeks through the inner corner. You can use the same brush you used in step one, since you are building each colour on one another.


Step 6: With a pencil brush, or any brush that’s pointed, apply the shade “Vanity” to your lower eyelids. Don’t worry about the fall out, you can clean that up once you’re completely done the eye look.


Step 7: Using a dark purple eye liner, I’m using Tarte’s smoldereyes in Ash Violet, line your upper and lower eyelids, staying close to the lash line. Using a smudger, I made the harsh line a little bit softer.

IMG_5911 IMG_5913IMG_5915

Step 8: Take a dark purple eyeshadow, I’m using “Bondage”, and apply to the outer corner of the eyes using a fluffy crease brush. You want to make sure you are blending this dark colour into the bright purple shadows on your lids.

IMG_5917 IMG_5918IMG_5920

Step 9: Take a bright purple liner, I used Marc Jacobs’ gel liner in plumage, and line your upper eyelids (where you used the smudged dark liner in step 7).

IMG_5921 IMG_5922

Step 10: Take a bright blue liner, I used MAC’s liner in Petrol Blue, and layer that liner on top of the purple liner you used in step 9. This step is up to you, I did it because I wanted a little bit of blue to peep out through my liner and to make my look a bit more unique.


Step 11: Using a waterproof black eye liner, I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Pervasion, line your waterline.

IMG_5929 IMG_5931

Step 12: Apply two coats of mascara to your lashes. I used Tarte’s curler to curl my lashes first and then I applied an eyelash primer (Urban Decay’s Subversion) and then I applied two coats of Diorshow waterproof mascara.

IMG_5932 IMG_5933 IMG_5934IMG_5943

Step 13: Using your favourite brow liner, fill in your brows. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz.


Step 14: Take a CLEAN crease brush and make sure to run it through your crease blending out any harsh lines. Make sure to clean up any fall out.


Now that you are done the eyes, you are good to go to finish the rest of your face!

Here’s what I paired this eye look with:


Foundation Primer: Mixture of Smashbox’s Colour Correcting primer and MAC’s Prep+Prime in Natural Radiance.

Foundation+Concealer: Make Up Forever’s HD foundation and I set it with MAC’s Mineralize SkinFinish foundation to give it a more natural feel. For concealer, I used MAC’s mineralize concealer. I used my beauty blender to apply all of these for a flawless finish.

Blush+Contour: I used a blush from Tarte’s Christmas Blush Palette, it’s the one on the far right. As for contouring, I used Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Contour Kit in Medium to Tan.

Eyes: See Above!

Lips: Nars’ Audacious Lipstick in Audrey

Setting Powder+Spray: Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup setting spray and Makeup Forever’s HD setting powder.

Here’s the outfit I wore


Have a great time recreating this look dolls and have a great day! x

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Life Diaries: International Fashion Encounter Show


Hey Dolls! If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Instagram, then you already know that last week I attended the Canadian edition of the International Fashion Encounter Show presented by the Toronto Fashion Academy. It was my first ever runway style fashion show I attended and I must say that I was completely impressed. The show itself showcased 9 different collections, which were definitely a visual treat to the eye. Along with showcasing clothes, this show also featured a jewelry showcase by one designer, which I was completely in love with. Below you will find my favourite ensembles from each of the showcased designers (I’ll link their corresponding stores/contact info). Also, shout out to Azmat’s Photography for providing me with pictures from this show for this post! If you want more, go like her Facebook page! Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram account to see videos from this show. TFA did a phenomenal job putting this show together!


Who: Universidad IberoAmericana

Style: Modern, Elegant, Edgy Chic

Favourite Ensembles: I loved how modern and edgy this showcase was. Each of the pieces were extremely chic. I loved the dresses! They were so delicate and pretty. My favourite ensemble from this showcase had to be the long-sleeved body hugging white gown. The asymmetrical laser cut lace at the bottom is gorgeous!

11062752_10153243880203503_743118473915941682_o 11206645_10153243896503503_9028860737900899028_o

Who: Mohite Designs by Mohit Sachdeva

Style: Elegant, Classy, Pretty

Favourite Ensembles: As you can see, this was probably one of my favourite showcases of the whole show. I loved every single piece he put out on the runway. Everything from the dresses to the lehengas were pure perfection! If I had to pick an absolute favourite, then it has to be the red dress, it’s so stunning!


Who: Payal Singhal

Style: Romantic, Angelic, Pretty Pastels

Favourite Ensembles: I’m a huge Payal Singhal fan. I’ve seen some of her designs on Sonam Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, which were amazing. So it was definitely a treat to watch her showcase up-close and personal. I loved the colour selection for this collection, but my favourite outfit has to be the pastel pink sheer top and the printed pleated pants.


Who: Rajdeep Ranawat

Style: Floral, Pretty Prints, Ethereal

Favourite Ensembles: This was a really fun showcase to watch. The colours and the cuts complimented each other so well that choosing one was really hard. But I definitely loved the sarees he showcased (I really want one!). I also loved the pastel green outfit. The work on it was so exquisite!


Who: Jaya Misra

Style: Indian, Elegant, Pretty

Favourite Ensembles: This was a gorgeous showcase. The outfits were mainly Indian wear and everyone knows that I’m obsessed with it. Each and every piece from this collection was beautiful. Just like Mohit’s collection, I can’t pick one as my favourite. I loved everything about this collection.


Who: White by Dinaaz

Style: Angelic, Elegant, Retro Chic

Favourite Ensembles: This was a very surprising collection for me. The showcase started off with retro looks and then very smoothly blended into modern Indian wear. I loved the puffed polka-dotted sleeved top, it’s definitely something I would wear. But my favourite has to be the black and nude lace bottom saree. Bottom line, it’s perfect.


Who: Kshitij Choudhary

Style: Boho chic, Pretty, Elegant

Favourite Ensembles: First of all, this showcase had great music. But mainly, this whole collection was very pretty. The printed skirts are something everyone needs to add to their wardrobe this spring/summer season. Also, his Indian wear is definitely on point. My favourite has to be the turquoise and gold outfit, which I just might add to my own closet!


Who: Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House

Style: Classy, Tribal, Ethereal

Favourite Ensembles: Despite the collection being simple, it was elegant, which is something I can definitely connect with. The colour scheme was all different shades of cream and white, which is a delight to the eye. My favourite ensemble from this collection has to be the draped one shouldered mini dress! I also love those perfectly hemmed shorts.


Who: Abril Cervera

Style: Vintage 40s, Vibrant, Stylish

Favourite Ensembles: The hair and makeup for this particular showcase was amazing! The braided bun is something I love to wear whenever I can. The collection as a whole was very stylish. The colour scheme was black, white and red. Some of the dresses in this collection were super gorgeous. My favourite one has to be the black flowy gown with the cutouts. It’s so pretty!

Be on the look out this week for more blog posts about this show and my experience! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

Have an awesome day dolls! x