Review: Morphe x Maddie Ziegler The Imagination Palette


Okay, I’ll be honest. When this collaboration dropped last week, I had to Google who Maddie Ziegler was (I’m THAT old). It was only then I realized that she’s the phenomenal dancer who’s featured in most of Sia’s music videos (my fav is elastic heart which also costars Shia LaBeouf). Having a collab with Morphe is a pretty big deal–given Morphe has collaborated with some of the biggest Youtube’s beauty gurus (James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, Manny Mua, Bretman Rock, etc)


So when I saw this collaboration drop on Morphe’s website, I knew there were a few things I definitely had to pick up, one being this Imagination Palette. Two things drew me into this palette: the pretty pastels and the glitter shades (as you can see in the above picture). I’ve never been disappointed with any of the Morphe eyeshadow palettes I’ve owned so far, so I definitely was expecting this to be awesome. However, I did realize that pastels are often tough to work with as the texture of the shadows can get quite powdery. Moreover, pastels tend to show up chalky on my skin tone (where my South Asian dolls at?). So…did these pastels show up on my brown skin? Read below to find out and see the swatches!


The names, as usual with these collabs, are reflective of Maddie’s life. I was watching a bunch of her interviews as I waited for my Morphe package to arrive (which I would like to add took only 5 days despite COVID-19 delays) and she was mentioning how the shade “Godmom” was inspired by Sia and “Dancing Queen” by Dance Moms (also, how did I not know she was on Dance Moms?). Overall, the packaging is great! In comparison to other Morphe eyeshadow palettes, this particular one has a mirror (thank goodness) and the palette is pretty travel friendly (I mean, I’m hoping I can take this when traveling becomes the norm again)


When I first got this palette, I was incredibly excited to swatch allllllll the pastels and glitters! Also, how cute are the embossed images? 

From Top to Bottom: Butterfly Fantasy, Maddiegirl, M3, Godmom, Crushed, Angel, Dancing Queen

I mean, can we discuss how GORGEOUS Dancing Queen is? One of the things I really love about this palette is the fact that there are both matte and shimmer shades, letting you create various different eyeshadow looks. 

From Top to Bottom: Like Butter, 5, Godfather, ASAP, Go Home
As expected, the pastels were a little powdery upon the first swatch. However, the colour payoff is not completely horrible. I’m thinking with a white base, these will pop even more especially on my South Asian skin tone!

Again, Mint and Possy were shades I was looking forward to! Also, Latte is a great shade for the crease!

From Top to Bottom: To The Moon, And Back, Latte, Kenny, She Insists, Mint, Possy, Pantera

So…… expected the pastels were a little powdery BUT the colour payoff was still pretty decent. Do I think you should own this palette? Yes, and here are the reasons why: 

  • A great balance of mattes and shimmers: you can create multiple looks.
  • Shimmers are not like loose glitters, making this super easy to use with a brush or your fingers
  • No major fall out 
  • The packaging is super cute!
  • $32 CDN for 20 shades is great (and if you are subscribed to their emails, you can get up to 20% off)
  • Really fun colour shades and everyday shades

In terms of cons for this palette:

  • The pastels are a little powdery
  • To make the pastels pop more (especially on my skin tone), you’ll definitely need to use some sort of white or light base)

If you want to see me use these shades in a fun look, check out my Instagram page (again, shameless plug)

Rating: 8/10 (Morphe x Maddie created a pretty sweet palette and if you’re a Morphe or Maddie fan, then you definitely will not be disappointed!)

Head on to their website to pick it up (I’m not sure which stores have opened so you’ll have to check on their website)

What do you think? Will you get this? Leave me a comment! 


Woah…it’s been almost 2 years?


Hello lovelies,

I didn’t realize that I have not blogged since September of 2018! Part of the reason for that is because I decided to go back to school and work towards getting a Master’s degree…which I can proudly say I have accomplished! Woohoo!

With that being said, graduating in the middle of a pandemic is definitely not the most ideal situation nor is it something I ever anticipated. However, I am trying every day to be grateful for all the positivity in my life! Some days it’s easy, some days it’s not. But such is life.

For those of you who’ve followed my journey on Instagram while I wasn’t blogging (here’s a shameless plug to follow me), thank you! Moreover, thank you for always asking about when the blog will be back and more importantly, thank you for visiting my old posts during the past two years! Whether it be 10 people or 1500 people, it’s always fun!

I know I sort of left abruptly and because life is all about abrupt moments these days, I am back! Looking back at my posts, I realized a lot has changed since I started the blog in regards to my beauty, hair and makeup. I’m not promising a proper schedule but I will be uploading some beauty products and tools I’ve been loving during this pandemic. I’ll also be sharing some fun mindfulness tips I’ve picked up over the past two years. And, I’ll be discussing some important I do want to make it clear, majority of the stuff I’ll be blogging about has not been sponsored. It’s all been things I have genuinely loved or are loving. Moreover, anything that will be sent to me, I’ll make sure to indicate on the blog posts.

Hope you’ll continue to stay on this journey with me,



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10 Makeup Tricks for when you’re sick


As I’m currently laying in bed and battling a terrible cold, I figured I’d share some tips and tricks I use on days that I’m feeling sick and don’t want to wear makeup! Usually, this is the LAST thing on my mind when I’m under the weather but I swear by these when I’m just not feeling it!

  1. Tinted Moisturizers: These are probably the ONLY thing I wear when I’m sick. Seriously, these are miracle savers because not only does it hydrate your skin but it adds colour to a dull complexion! My favourite ones are by Charlotte Tilbury and Origins. The Charlotte Tilbury one adds a glow to your face and literally makes you feel better! The Origins one adds a boost of energy to my skin and my day!
  2. Tinted Brow Gel: I use these not only when I’m under the weather but also in between getting my brows done! I love Glossier’s boy brow because not only does it shape and tame the brows, it also adds colour! So simple and easy to polish up your sick day!
  3. Mascara & Lash Curler: Curling your lashes opens up your eyes and basically wakes you up right away! Mascara defines the lashes and if you wiggle at the base it adds a little bit of colour to the base of your lashes!
  4. Concealer: Dabbing concealer that matches your face shade on red spots is amazing! I love Tarte’s shape tape & YSL’s Touche Éclat!
  5. Setting Powder/Spray: When I’m battling a cold, I usually wear a blurring primer with flesh toned setting powder and then call it a day! Seriously, this evens out your skin tone and makes you look less fatigued. I swear by MAC’s mineralize skin finish in Medium Deep. It’s the closest to my skin tone! As for setting spray, I can’t seem to use anything other than the Urban Decay All Nighter. This doesn’t let your makeup move, even if you’re battling the sniffles!
  6. Tinted Lip Balm or Blotted Lip: On days I don’t feel like wearing makeup or am not feeling well, I’ll either wear a blotted lip or a tinted lip balm. For the blotted lip, I love using a nude shade (like this one). I put some lipstick in the middle of my lips, then I use my fingers to blend. This gives it a stained lip effect and lasts all day! I am also loving Maybelline’s BabyLips tinted Lip balms too.
  7. Bronzer: This is a multi-use product and it’s probably my go-to on days I’m not feeling that great at all! You can use it as a bronzer, as an eye shadow, as a contour or as an eye liner! Seriously, the possibilities are endless! Benefit’s Hoola and NARS’ Laguna bronzer are my favs!
  8. Blurring Primer: All hail whoever created these because THIS is the real MVP of sick days/fatigue days/days you’re not feeling it. I cannot stress how much wearing this (after your moisturizer) changes the appearance of your skin! Too Faced’s Hangover Primer is one of my favs! I also love Benefit’s Porefessional and Milk Makeup’s Blur stick are great too. The best part about these is you can wear these by themselves and you’ll get the same effect!
  9. Eye Cream: NOTHING beats a good eye cream to depuff those under eyes on a sick day! Seriously, I cannot stress how much this will make you feel better instantly! I swear by Origins’ Ginzing Eye cream but lately I’ve been loving Bobbi Brown’s eye cream too!
  10. Face Mask/Facial Mists: Nothing makes me feel better than a face mask! Plus, this pulls toxins out of your face to give it a healthy glow! Sometimes, I use the Origins’ Retexturizing Face Mask and then follow through with my skincare routine on sick days! I love a good facial mist too! Mario Badescu’s facial sprays wake me and my skin up, making the day SO much better!

If none of these are doing it for you, don’t even bother with makeup! Put on a good moisturizer and go about your day!

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Review: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads


First Aid Beauty has been raved about for a while now and even though I heard a lot about it, I had never tried any of their products! So when I saw that Sephora’s 500 pt gift set was a First Aid Beauty Skin care set, I jumped quickly to give them a try! One of the products in the gift set was this particular product. After using 10 pads of this, I knew I had to buy the full size!


What is it: This is a daily treatment pad that contains lactic and glycolic acids to exfoliate, tone and brighten all skin types. This has been created for people who are looking to improve dullness in their skin as well as uneven skin tone. You can use this twice a day or once a day. It’s completely up to you! The formula also includes cucumber and Indian gooseberry, which targets toning your skin. It also has lemon peel and liquorice root for a bright glowy complexion! Not only does it target uneven skin tone, it also helps improve skin’s texture! It’s safe to use for sensitive skin!


The Good: OMG. This has improved the texture of my skin overnight. Like not even kidding. Initially, I was worried that it might break me out but it did nothing of that sort. After two weeks of using it day and night, I found the dark spots around my mouth start to fade. It was not drastic but I could definitely see a difference. My skin felt brighter and healthier. I found that this layered with other skin products and makeup so well! The smell isn’t overpowering and these pads are SO easy to use. I use the exfoliating part to wipe first and then with the smooth side I do one last swipe. I just loved how it made my skin feel! I’m on my second container now!


The Bad: Nothing!


Overall Rating: 9/10 ($37 for 60 pads & $18.50 for 28 pads, I got mine at Sephora)

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Best Dressed At the Emmys 2018

The Emmys last night were kind of boring BUT the fashion was NOT! Here are my favourite looks!

Kristen Bell

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018Y’all this is purely flawless! I’m so glad she kept her lips neutral!

Thandie Newton

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018I love the train neck sash and the colour of this gown!

Dakota Fanning

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018AHH! I love this shade of green and she looks stunning!

Kerri Russell

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018I WANT THOSE SHOES! I love how the feathers and bling work harmoniously together!

Sandra Oh

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018okayyyy. The cut of this dress is beautiful!

Nathalie Emmanuel

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018Girl. This whole look is SO classy!

Natalia Dyer

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 201824 karat magic in the aiiiirrrr. Head to toe so player! LOVE this!

Joey King

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018I love this sangria colour. It’s flattering and this dress is beautiful!

Heidi Klum

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018The makeup. The dress. The hair. The necklace! Perfect!

Felicity Huffman

70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018I love me a good pant-suit combo! Also, can I have this hair 24/7?


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Review: Esqido Gel Eyeliner in Black & Brown


When Esqido sent me these babies to try out, I was so excited! If you have been long time readers of this blog, then you already know how obsessed I am with eyeliners! Seriously. I cannot go anywhere without some sort of eyeliner on my lids or waterline!


What is it: These eyeliners are gel eyeliners that come in two shades: Black and Brown. It is pigmented, silky smooth and comes in the form of a retractable and sharpenable pen! One of my favourite things about these liners are the fact they come with an air-tight silicon ring closure around the top of the pencil. This helps the liner not dry out and last long! The pencils also come with a built-in sharpener attached at the bottom of the pencil! You can buy these online on Esqido’s website for $16 a pop (be sure to visit their website soon because they’re having a promo for these liners where you can get them both for the price of one!).


The Pros: Let’s talk about how gel liners are literally the best thing ever created on this planet. Gel liners are perfect for everyday use because they glide on smooth and are extremely easy to use. Although, the down side to gel liners are that they tend to dry out a lot sooner than most eyeliners. This is NOT the case with Esqido’s liners. I have never been SO impressed with a gel liner! Even though these were sent to me, I can definitely tell you that I will hundred percent purchase these once I’m done using the two colours. The formula of these are incredible! It’s smooth, soft and super pigmented! One of the main reasons why I love these so much is because they lasted all day and all night on my eyes without smudging at all! I used them on my waterline and it stayed put! One swipe is all you need for these because they are incredibly pigmented. Also, I love that it’s retractable, making it easy to use when you’re traveling! If you want a precise tip all the time, you can use the sharpener attached at the bottom of the pencil (it’s SOO easy to use). These also pair well with ANY make up looks and false lashes! Another thing I loved about this was that it blended super well when I was doing a smoky eye look. This didn’t irritate my eyes nor did it dry out! Seriously, if you’re in the market to try a good gel liner this is it! They’re also matte. It definitely was waterproof because I wore these to a wedding last weekend and it did NOT smudge through the tears.

The Cons: GIVE ME MORE COLOURS! Currently, it is only available in Brown and Black but I can’t wait for bold colours, Esqido make this happen!!

Overall Rating: 10/10


You can purchase yours here!


Review: Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer


What: The Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer is a makeup primer that helps your makeup last longer all while blurring your skin. Along with doing that, it also acts as a protective wall to keep makeup out of your skin so that you don’t get breakouts! This is a super high-end primer, retailing for $62 CDN at Sephora. The balm is packaged in a big circular case and it comes with a disc, which you can use to get the right amount of primer for your face! You can use this all over your face, your eye lids and your lips for a flawless makeup application. This blurs pores, controls oiliness and evens out your skin tone. The primer contains silk extracts too nourish the skin, leaving a smooth base for your makeup giving you a soft focus finish. There are also anti-pollution natural active ingredients in this primer. This creates a barrier between the world and skin. It also has hadasei-3 which is made up of great tea, rice and algae extracts; giving you a youthful and healthy skin!


The Good: Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a makeup primer like this before. I’ve had a ton favourites but I think this one takes the cake for me. It was super cool to apply, with the disc and all. But most importantly, my makeup looked flawless. This was the first time (in a LONG time) that I had practically everyone who talked to me ask me how I achieved the perfect makeup look. Seriously. Now you know. It’s because of this product. My skin felt smooth, soft and this was super easy to apply. A little goes a long way. The texture of this formula is incredible! It’s silky smooth (duh) and it blends flawlessly when applied to your face, lids and/or lips. My makeup lasted all night long. In fact, I had to use makeup remover to take all of it off! I know a lot of people might stay away from this because of its price tag…but honestly, think of it as an investment for your skin in the long run! In the past couple months, I’ve learned that the only way you can get flawless makeup is if you work on your skin. Using products that benefit your skin is important and this product will do that for you! I have extremely sensitive and combination skin; and this did not irritate my skin at all! No breakouts, no redness, no nothing! My face was radiant and my skin felt good! The packaging is cute! It comes with a disc and instructions on how to use that disc to get the right amount of product for your face. I’ve used this primer sooooo many times and I have yet to make a major dent! Honestly, this is literally the best primer I have ever used! There’s no leftover residue on your face and it feels super lux!




Overall Rating: 10/10

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First Impressions: Glossier


OKAY. I’ve been waiting a LONG time to get my hands on anything by Glossier and the day has finally come! After months and months of contemplating whether or not to order online, I did it.

I first heard about Glossier from a little blurb on Allure about their Milk Jelly Cleanser. It won an award and I was intrigued about this brand. More research led me to find out that Glossier is the makeup brand by the infamous beauty/lifestyle blog ‘Into The Gloss’ and….drum roll….the founder of the both the blog and Glossier is none other than Emily Weiss. I’m sure you’re like who is that? UHM. Remember The Hills on MTV? Remember when Lauren and Whitney were interns at Teen Vogue? Remember Intern Emily? The one that got to go to THE dinner? THIS IS THE SAME EMILY (mindblown). I’m not lying, I pretty much sat and stared at my laptop for what seemed like a whole day. Now that that’s out of the way, What is Glossier, you ask?

Glossier is a skincare/makeup brand that has only one focus in mind: Skin first, Makeup second. I’ve realized that the older I’m getting, the more I’m realizing that the focus shouldn’t be on having airbrushed makeup but rather healthy skin! That was one of the main reasons why I gravitated towards trying products out from this brand. Of course, I live in Canada and despite what everyone believes…not all brands are easily accessible. Glossier at one point did have a pop-up shop in Toronto, but alas I was not able to make it. So, when I saw that they shipped to Canada (minus Quebec, sorry), I was ecstatic!


The Online Order Process: Glossier’s website is one of the easiest websites I’ve ever used. I love the fact that there aren’t an overwhelming amount of products or choices, which is why Glossier as a brand works well. Placing the online order was simple and sweet. Another thing I love is that the prices are stated in CAD, which is amazing because who wants to sit and convert the dollar? After inputing your credit card info, you were asked to pick a sample to put in your package (woohoo). And then, voila! You’re done. See? So simple. Once your package has been shipped, you’ll receive an email.



The Shipping Process: This process was probably the most surprising for me. When I saw that if you spend $40 CAD, then you qualify for free shipping…I was ecstatic! There was a down side though. Free shipping means it will take 7-10 business days to ship to your destination, which initially was kind of a bummer. After I got an email updating me that the products had been shipped, I decided to go about my life because the expected arrival date for my items was exactly in 10 business days. SO WHEN THE PACKAGE ARRIVED A WHOPPING 5 DAYS LATER I WAS JUMPING WITH JOY! Honestly, it was a surprise because this was pretty quick! Again, super simple.


The Package: This is probably the most instagrammable package I have ever received from any makeup/skincare brand! As you can see, it came in a cardboard box which was sealed with a Glossier embosses tape.  All the products were neatly tucked inside the infamous Glossier pink pouch. And it came with a sheet of stickers, which was super cool! Each of the products came in their own packaging. It was sleek, to the point and wasn’t busy looking. It was simple and sweet, which is exactly what this brand preaches.

The Products:

  1. Super Glow Serum ($35): I was on the hunt for a vitamin C+magnesium serum!
  2. Balm Dotcom in Mint ($15): I love me some lip balm! They had a selection of a few tinted and clear, I went with the clear in the Mint flavour. 
  3. Boy Brow in Brown ($20): Again, this is a cult favourite so I had to give it a try! 
  4. Cloud Paint Duo in Puff and Storm ($36): The whole concept of applying blush with your fingers seems super cool. Storm is one of their newest shades, so that was a plus point!
  5. Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick in Crush ($20): I added this on a whim and I am definitely in love! 


First Impressions: As soon as I finished taking pictures of all the products and packaging, I began to swipe the Generation G sheer matte lipstick in crush on my lips. I didn’t know how I’d feel about a “sheer-matte” lipstick…because I didn’t understand what a sheer matte was. Upon first swipe, I fell in love and I can’t wait to order some of the other shades. All the products from the Cloud Paints to the serum were phenomenal upon first use. I was not disappointed at all. If you want more in-depth reviews, let me know!



Overall Impressions of Glossier: Can I be a Glossier girl? Like seriously? Honestly, I have never been so impressed by a brand in my life. I’m usually not into the whole au natural look, but this brand is changing it for me. I won’t lie, the prices are a little steep, BUT I do believe it’s worth it. I think the more I’ll use the products, the more I’ll see. But as of now, I do like everything I’ve ordered. I am super impressed by this brand! I love how fuss free these products are!


Will I Order Again? YES. YES. YES. I can’t wait to try more of their makeup and skincare products!


If you want 10% off your first Glossier order, then click this link and purchase away! 🙂 



Review: MAC’s Hyper Real Glow in Flash+Awe & Get It Glowin’


When MAC finally decided to come out with highlighter palettes, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. Individually, MAC highlighters can often be a hit or a miss for me so I was a little skeptical. I finally got my hands on both of these palettes and I’m here with a review of BOTH the palettes for you!

IMG_9119 2

What is it: MAC cosmetics put out two highlighter palettes, one in a pink shade zone and the other in a gold shade zone. Each palette comes with three shades and a mirror (score, you know how much I love my palettes to always have mirrors). Hyper Real Glow in Flash+Awe is a pinky/champagne highlighter palette. Hyper Real Glow in Get it Glowin’ is a golden highlighter palette. Both palettes claim to have formulas that will work for any skin type and tone. Although, the golden palette is geared towards darker skin dolls and the pink palette is for the lighter skin dolls. You can use these shades together or individually to get the most natural glow!


Flash+Awe Shades: Light Of The Party is a flesh toned shimmery peachy pink. Rosy Glow is a medium toned shimmer shell pink. Flash+Awe is a pale pink with silver shimmer.


Get It Glowin’ Shades: Rosy Cheer is a rich golden bronze with fine gold shimmer. Get it Glowin’ is a peachy nude with fine gold shimmer. Gold Coasting is a champagne gold with gold shimmer.


The Good: Okay, remember how I said I was skeptical about these palettes at the beginning of this post? Well, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been skeptical because these highlighters are actually so good! In fact, all six shades did not disappoint! Of course, it’s up to you individually to decide which shade you want to use to highlight what…but I can safely say, each one of these shades looked radiant on my skin tone! The formula of these babies are amazing! It’s buttery soft to touch and I noticed I had zero fall out (even though MAC claims there might be some). Also, because they’re so smooth and soft, it’s incredibly easy to blend! Every time I’ve used any of these highlights, I always get asked what I’m wearing! Not only can you use this to highlight the high points of your face, you can use these as eye shadows (add fix+ and get foiled shadows!). Rosy Cheer can used to highlight your neck and legs too! Rosy Cheer is perfect to add to the centre of your lips when you’re rocking a super matte lip to add some definition. As you can see, I’m all about versatile products especially when you’re paying a pretty high price for these palettes! I love the look of these highlighters on my face. I find them to be natural and not glittery (despite having shimmer). The packaging of this product is pretty sleek! I love how I can slip it into my makeup bag if I’m traveling. All in all, both these palettes are pretty good!

(Flash+Awe Swatches)

The Bad: The price point might be a little bothersome for some. But you don’t have to get both of them, you can get one based on your skin tone!

(Get it Glowin’) 

Overall Rating: 9/10 (you can get yours at MAC for $48 a pop)



Review: NYX Lid Lingerie in Dynamic, Revel and Rose Pearl


NYX’s Lingerie line has got me all kinds of shook. So when I found out that they were releasing “eye tints” from this range, I was excited. They’ve got a matte range and a non-matte range. I picked up 2 from the matte range and 1 from their non-matte range. I’m always skeptical about liquid shadows because I find they tend to crease easily but I was excited to see how these would hold up!


What is it: These eye tints by NYX cosmetics are the company’s foray into the liquid shadow world! It’s weightless, easy to apply and incredibly long-lasting. Their non-matte range offers an array of shades that have a pearl finish that isn’t glittery or too shimmery. They’re not meant to be super opaque but it can be built up. Similarly, the matte range offers the exact same thing but in matte shades (duh!). These shadows are meant to give you the most natural yet pretty tint to your lids! Dynamic, from the matte range, is a blush toned nude shade. Revel, another matte, is a nude almost close to my lid colour shade (lol). And finally, Rose pearl is a shimmery pinky rose! All of these retail for $10 at your local NYX retailer or store!


The Good: OKAYYYYYYYYYYY. I won’t lie. I thought these would not be too good. Seriously. But when I used all of these, I was blown away! Even though they’re marketed as a “Sheer eye tint”, these are nowhere near sheer! I’d definitely say that they’re opaque but you can definitely wear it sheer too. I’ll go through each shade individually before I get into the formula. Rose Pearl is gorgeous. I use it as a base for any shimmery pinks I put on my lids or even when I don’t feel like doing too much on my eyes (hello work day!). Dynamic is a blush pink which looks great on my lids! I like to layer this one with some shades from the tartelette palette. I use Revel as a base on days I don’t feel like using any makeup at all! The formula of these are AMAZING. It’s not liquidy nor is it super moussey, if that even makes sense. I find that it’s a perfect balance of the two. The applicator wand is great. I use it to dot on my eye lids and then use a brush to blend. These blend incredibly well. In fact, it’s so super weightless that I forget that I have eye shadow on. Also, it blends with powders and other liquids so flawlessly! I am truly impressed. These lasted on my eyes throughout my work day and didn’t crease (I did use Too Faced’s shadow insurance as a base). So that’s always a plus. All in all, these particular shades are pretty awesome! I can’t wait to pick up some of the other shades to compare and see!

The Bad: N o t h i n g.

Overall Rating: 10/10