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Organizing Your Makeup 101


Hello Dolls! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! If you haven’t read my previous post, then you can do so by clicking right here. If you know me personally, then you’re already aware of my OCD-like obsession with being organized no matter what. In fact, I’ve blogged about this on many occasions (post 1, post 2). While going through probably the worst writer’s block of my lifetime (yes, this includes my uni days where writing about Aristotle seemed a lot easier than what I’ve been experiencing lately), I realized I have never shared with you how I organize my makeup! So without further adieu, here are some tips on how you can organize ALL your makeup!


  1. Categorize: This is probably the most important factor of organizing just about anything and everything in your life…including makeup. What I like to do is keep all my foundations together, all my blushes together, all my eye shadows together, etc (you catch my drift yet?). This is essential because you want to be able to find your fav makeup item ASAP. Also, I categorize my makeup brushes according to that rule too.
  2. Once you’ve categorized, one of the most important part of organizing is finding a space to put them: I mean you can buy different organizing tools (as you can see I have one devoted to all my MAC lipsticks) or you can create your own. The possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as you want (hello DIY). I have a drawer devoted to just foundations, concealers and setting powders. The reason why I grouped them like that is because I combine those 3 products at the same time, so why not have them altogether in one place?
  3. In doing steps 1 and 2, you’ll come across old makeup or makeup you haven’t used (believe me these things expire quicker than you think and you don’t want to put stuff like that on your skin). One of the most important things you can do is, let it go, let it go! Okay, I am obviously too obsessed with Disney…but GET RID OF IT: You do not need makeup you haven’t used in more than a year because…you haven’t used it. It’s simple as that. Chances are you won’t use it again so why bother. This has always been the hardest thing for me to do but you know what? YOLO.
  4. So you’ve categorized, made space for those categories, gotten rid of things you don’t need…now what? PUT THEM IN THE SPACE: This is probably my favourite part because you can be SUPER creative and very Instagram worthy, but you have to do it correctly. Add dividers in your drawers. Add trays to your makeup desk, make it pretty as you like or as simple as you want…it’s up to you!


And VOILA! You’ve now organized everything makeup related in your life…on to your closet…lolz.

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Life Diaries: How to organize your life like a BAWS!!


Step 1: Write down everything that needs to get done!


Make a list of everything and anything that needs to get done (or anything that you need). This should be pretty obvious. When you make a list you are already on the road to becoming an organizational baws!

My tip: I make a list for each day, week and month (sayy whaa?). The best way to organize those lists? Invest in some tools that are going to help you become an A+ list maker!


  1. Planners/Agendas: Dolls, you HAVE to know where you need to be and when! TIP: Colour coordinate or use post-it notes as reminders for any deadlines/meetings/work shifts/assignment due dates/credit card due dates (my favourite..obvs)/etc.
  2. Whiteboards/Bulletin Boards: This is perfect for a day-to-day list of tasks/things that need to get accomplished. Every night before bed, I make a list of 10 things I have to do for the next day.
  3. Notebooks/Stationery: Time to make that trip to Chapters…seriously have you seen their stationery section? That alone should want to make you become an organizational baws! As I mentioned, colour coordinating is key…so invest in pretty pens (that’s what I did). I have a notebook for everything (one for this blog, one for work, one for shopping…you get my OCD right?). Anything I have to do, or need to know goes to the matching notebook! That way whenever I need to cross reference anything on my list…it’s already written down! IMG_1618
  4. * Optional * Smartphone/iCal: This ones for all my techys. If you prefer everything to be digital then all the stuff I just stated above should be transferred onto your laptop! Yes, I do live on my phone all the time, but I’m a bit old school when it comes to making lists.

So what am I currently using?

IMG_1619(Agenda:Kate Spade, Notebook: Indigo & Target, Pencil Pouch: Clinique, multi coloured pens and trinkets: WalMart)

Step 2: Prioritize!


Okay, you’ve got a list…multiple of them…now what? Start numbering off the tasks, in order of due dates. The quicker the task is due, the higher it should be on your priority list. This goes the same way for shopping lists. If you need something, then put that over the items you want (this is the hardest thing to do).

Tip: This is and has always been the hardest part for me because a lot of things in my life coincide and I’m forced to multi-task (which should only be done if you’re a master at it believe me). So be aware that you might have to multi-task sometimes.

Step 3: Set Deadlines


DJ Khaled feels me on this one. This is the keys to success (yup I went there). Setting deadlines equates to managing your time better &…if you can manage your time better, then you’re already an organizational baws!

TIP: It’s all about having enough time to do the tasks at hand, so learn to maximize your time. Don’t sit around and do nothing, instead plan out what needs to get done! Do keep in mind, that sacrifices sometimes have to be made in this step. You might have to give up a Saturday night out to get a project done…OR if you’re a total pro, you will find a way to get that project done earlier so that you can go out.

Step 4: Plan & Execute!


This is my favourite part. You have the list. You prioritized them. You checked your agenda and found the time. Now take that notebook (or laptop) and start planning! How will you accomplish said task/goal? What will you do? What needs to happen? WRITE THEM DOWN! There’s your plan. Now, follow through and execute!

Step 5: Cross it off your list like a baws!


Am I the only person who thinks this is the most therapeutic part of being an organizational baws? All the feels you get when you cross something off that list is the best thing ever.

Step 6: Repeat!


This is pretty self explanatory! On to the next task/thing/goal on your list!


….but I will let you in on another secret. It’s easy to make lists, plans, and write down what you need to do. In order for any of this to work, there is one thing you really need…that’s MOTIVATION!


BONUS: Step 7: How to be motivated to actually follow these steps!


  1. You want that new Marc Jacobs purse? Then start crossing those tasks/goals off your list…and pronto! You see this is how I function most of the time. I like to give myself rewards/incentives for being able to finish something or accomplish something. The rewards can range from watching a movie to buying myself something (again that depends on how big the task/goal is that you’ve completed because I’d be super broke if I rewarded myself by going shopping for every task in life).
  2. The Quotes. I have a pinterest board dedicated to motivational quotes and I read them before anything I’m about to do (even before I go to work!). And I know what you’re thinking…reading a quote helps her? Has she finally gone psycho soprano (thumbs up if you know what I’m referencing)? But you’ll never know unless you try it! It works! Which is why a lot of my notebooks have motivational quotes on their covers.
  3. Positive thoughts & people are the best. These people won’t distract you but will rather motivate you to achieve your goals and complete your tasks! If you can’t find these people, then find someone who inspires you and use that.

And voila….you are now an organizational baws!