Yves Rocher Beauty Haul


A couple of weeks ago, I came across Yves Rocher at the mall and wondered why I hadn’t ever gone inside. Once I went in, I was mesmerized and decided to pick up some beauty goodies just to try the brand out!

  1. Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Kabubki Brush, & Concealer Brush (These were on sale for $5 each and I just couldn’t resist) 
  2. Botanical Nail Polish in Iridescent Anthracite, Frosted Pink Champagne, Litchi Glacé, Celadon Blue, Pearly Midnight Blue, Rose Grenadine (Again, these bottles of nail polish were only $3 each and one can never have enough nail polishes) 
  3. Nourishing Body Lotion in Almond (I’m a sucker for body lotions and this one smelled heavenly)
  4. Radiant Lip & Cheek Crayon in Gold Pearl (I think I found my new glitter highlighter for my eyes and top coat for my lips)
  5. Radiant Lip Crayon in Golden Sand & Perfect Light Pink (These two were given to me for free and I can’t explain to you how much I’m in love with these two shades!)
  6. Liquid Hand Soap in Lavindin from Provence (You can never have enough lavender hand soap and since I’m going to be traveling soon, I wanted something small to carry with me)
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How To Shop At Sephora


giphy33So you want to know how to shop at Sephora? Here are a few things I’ve learned since I practically live there (lolz):

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LIST because if you go in without one you will..(I’m being thousand percent real here)…end up purchasing things you do not need solely because it swatches gorgeously on your hands!


If you’re going in without a list…I got you. Make sure you connect to the WIFI at Sephora (it’s legit free at all their locations) so that you can quickly google reviews…or go to your favourite bookmarked blog to see …*ahem*


Navigating through Sephora is literally like a fun maze. There are multiple brands and products everywhere…SO… 


ASK FOR HELP. The Sephora beauty experts that work there are geniuses (shout out to Sephora Square One for ALWAYS holding it down for me). You can ask them anything and they will always have immense knowledge of the items. Like seriously, what is non-touring? Why do I need to strobe!?


Being at a Sephora is an emotional roller coaster (one that I enjoy tbh). For example (this really happened): I went to a Sephora to purchase Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Lipstick in Heathers. I swatched it and fell in love…only to be told it was sold out in store…and then I realized it’s okay, I can order it online on their website.


Take advantage of their Skin IQ tester thingamabob (I’m sure there’s some scientific name). It literally matches to the closest shade in any foundation at Sephora. This makes it easier for the clerks and you to find the perfect foundation/concealer match!


Sign up for their Beauty Insiders program! Bruh, what you waiting for? It’s free and you get access to products and sales and freebies….AND A BIRTHDAY GIFT!


Be prepared to stand in line for….a while. (You can always order online)


Sephora is notorious for giving out samples for free so ASK! If you’re a commitment phobe about certain products, then this is the perfect alternative for you!


Don’t forget to check out their sale section, whether in store or online. I’ve gotten nail polish for like $3 before..which normally retails for $12. Score.


HAVE FUN! I know it can be overwhelming but if you’re a beauty junkie like me…this place is better than Disneyland.


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Review: Herbal Essences Naked Volume Shampoo & Conditioner


When I first heard about this product, I was kind of intrigued as to how Herbal Essences would approach the “naked” trend through their line of hair care products (We can thank Urban Decay for that trend). Herbal Essences has been a trusted hair care line in my life. I was introduced to this brand when I was in middle school, when Britney Spears used to be the face of this brand (of course being a die-hard Britney fan, I had to indulge). This brand has never really let me down. So I had to give their “Naked” line a whirl!


What is the “Naked” line of Shampoos/Conditioners?

According to Herbal Essences, the “naked” line of hair care products are made with a formula that does not have any heavy residues, parabens, silicones and dyes. Which makes this their most “natural” product in their hair care range. They have different systems for 3 different needs: Volume, Moisture, & Shine. Obviously, I went with the volume line because that’s a major concern with my hair. I find that I don’t have natural volume in my hair and I have to always add extra products and/or blowdry my hair (I prefer air-drying my hair).


What is the Naked Volume Shampoo and Conditioner?

The Naked Volume shampoo & conditioner claims that it will restore 100% of your hair’s natural body while making your strands feel revitalized and refreshed. This duo also promises you, your softest hair. The Naked range of products has a white grapefruit/mint fragrance to it. According to the makers, since the product is infused with mint oil, it’s nature’s way of invigorating. Along with adding fragrances and volume, these products are meant to gently cleanse the hair of residues to make each strand silky soft.

What was my verdict?

I’ve used this for about 3 weeks now and I can safely say that this has become one of my favourite shampoo/conditioner duos from Herbal Essences. I love everything about both these products individually and when used together. It really has done wonders for my hair. Firstly, both the products live up to each one of their claims. The shampoo cleans out any hair product residue I have. In fact, after applying this to my hair, my hair feels squeaky clean. Which is perfect because when you use the conditioner right after, it brings the moisture back to your strands! It really feels like magic and this is what you want your shampoo/conditioner to do (when used together). Secondly, I love the smell! The fragrance is perfect. It’s citrusy, fresh, clean and it makes you want to whip your hair around in the shower (if you’ve seen Herbal Essences’ commercials, you know exactly what I’m talking about). The smell doesn’t linger that much, but there is a subtle fragrance left in your hair, which I absolutely love! Lastly, once I air-dried my hair, I noticed that my hair did have a little bounce to it! In fact, after 3 weeks of use, I’ve noticed that my hair is way more volumized than it was when I first used this product (that too without blowdrying or adding extra hair products). My hair was also softer than usual and that is exactly what I wanted from a shampoo/conditioner duo! I didn’t see any hair fall out nor did it damage my colour treated hair at all! I definitely love this hair care line and recommend everyone to try it at least once! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of their other hair care products from this line (particularly the dry shampoo and mousse). You can purchase this at any drugstore that sells Herbal Essences products (I believe together they are less than $10 CDN).


  • Paraben, silicone, dyes, heavy residue free
  • Invigorating smell
  • leaves hair soft, clean, nice, volumized, moisturized, silky
  • Price
  • No hair fallout


  • None

Rating: 10/10 (This product literally changed my hair for the better and I love the natural volume it added to my roots! I can’t wait to try the styling line from this product range!)

Happy Shopping Dolls! x