What To Wear To A Fashion Show

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending International Fashion Encounter’s Fashion Show/SuperModel Canada Search contest (thanks Toronto Fashion Academy for hooking it up) and I figured why not share with you all the wisdom I’ve gained about fashion shows! So without further adieu here are some tips on what you should wear at a fashion show:

  1. Wear your the uncomfortable fashionable pair of shoes you own: Listen, you’re going to be sitting for 85% of the night, so might as well make use of THAT pair of heels you have a love/hate relationship with. Also, you don’t have to wear heels, you can wear boots, flats, sandals etc. Just don’t wear sneakers unless they’re like blinged out Yeezys, speaking of which…has Kanye put out blinged out Yeezys yet?
  2. Use a bold pop of colour so you stick out: Honestly, this can be the colour of your outfit, shoes, accessories and/or makeup. Just make sure it’s bold enough to stand out! I wore a bold magenta lip to offset my all black look (clearly I don’t have a soul). Also, I wore a tarnished gold jewelry to match the gold detailing on my ankle boots (see details matter because other fashionistas at this thing are doing it…and probably judging…okay maybe not…but you catch my drift).
  3. Carry the most expensive or expensive looking purse you own: I’m not telling you to go buy that Louis Vuitton AM you’ve been craving (or maybe I am) but this is the perfect time to whip out that purse you have hidden in its dust bag because you don’t want to ruin it (I carried my Marc Jacobs Crossbody). Or if you really want to be bold, you can carry that all-glitter clutch you bought because why not (just me?).
  4. Wear loads of blingy jewelry: Okay, maybe not loads but enough so you’ve frosted yourself (if you know what I’m referencing, tweet me…shameless promo). You want to be classy and subtle yet fashionable. One of the ladies from the Real Housewives of Toronto attended the show and she had probably one of the most beautiful blinged chokers I’ve ever seen!
  5. Be Unique..so…add your personality to your whole look: You don’t want to look like everyone else because you are NOT everyone else. You are you and make sure everyone around you is aware of all your awesomeness. One of the attendees wore a light up pocket square as a part of his all dark pant/suit. Can you say amazing?! There was also someone in all silver..and when I say all silver..he painted his face and dyed his hair silver…SLAY.
  6. You don’t need to go ALL out, this isn’t Prom: Okay, no one needs to see excessive body parts or over the top gowns…this is a CLASSY affair so keep it simple and keep it classy! Dress like you’re going to be photographed for a profile picture that’s going to be your picture for your whole life (does that even make sense? if it doesn’t I’m sorry..no I’m not. whatever).
  7. Go through your closet before you purchase anything for your #OOTN…: Honestly, majority of the reason why I attend any event that requires me to put in copious amounts of efforts is because of Instagram (what has my life come to). Yes, you want to look spiffy…but NO, you do not need to spend a ton. Last time I went to this very fashion show, I dug out my closet and found a dress I hadn’t worn with the tag still on it. I basically dressed it up to make it fashion worthy (cuz you know tip #5).
  8. …and if you do want to purchase an item for your #OOTN, look for sales: This year I did purchase a dress for this particular show but believe me, I’m a bargain hunter and was able to find my outfit for 65% of its original price (YUS). So if you do need to buy something…go shopping for sales…FYI: obvs this is not a last-minute thing.
  9. Make sure you have a phone charger handy: You’re going to be taking loads of pictures and updating your social media account all night long (again, what has my life really come to?) or you need an UBER…so make sure you’ve got a portable phone charger ready!
  10. Eat before you go or have snacks handy: Fashion shows DO not serve food…because…obviously no one wants to promote eating (okay I’m not throwing shade I promise but it’s probz because no one wants to smear their makeup with food…although I wouldn’t care if they serve me McNuggets). Make sure you eat before hand or make a mickydees run after because these shows go on for a while and you will get hungry. Also, don’t drink on an empty stomach…not the prettiest thing AND make sure you bring cash for the bar.

But most of all, HAVE LOADS OF FUN! I truly have a blast each time I go to IFE’s shows. They’re fun, exciting and you really get a taste of what the fashion world in Toronto is like!

Head to Instagram to see what I wore! Abril Cereva designed the dress on the model above  and the picture is courtesy of Azmat’s Photography!




Life Diaries: I fail at being an adult?!

Hi Dolls! Hope you are all well on this gorgeous day! Today, I have a new vlog for you! Watch me fail at being an adult! Seriously, why is it so hard to be an adult? I miss the days where I really didn’t have to care about anything other than writing a paper! Oh well, I guess it’s all a part of growing up (which I clearly need to be a pro at since I am in my 20s now). I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Remember: No matter what life throws at you, you can only try your best to navigate it through. So even if it feels like you are failing at being an adult, you are not! See you in the next post! x

Fashion Diaries: The Best Dressed at the MMVAs 2016

Hello Dolls! Look what I’m FINALLY doing…a blog post devoted to fashion! I know it’s been a while but thank you so much for holding on and joining me on this new ride! If you haven’t already, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

But without further adieu…

The MMVAs are Toronto’s most coveted block party. The Much Music Video Awards celebrate Canadian and international music videos/artists, which is kind of awesome given not everyone is into the music video scene anymore. The one thing I love about this awards show/block party is the style. It’s not super formal so the possibilities are endless. This year, the biggest trend had to be pony tails. It didn’t matter on height, texture or style…but pony tails were everywhere! Below you will find 10 of my favourite looks from the MMVAs! Don’t forget to follow me on my socials (located on the right hand side of this blog)!


iHeartRadio_awards_200616_09-745x560Ruth B

Not only was her dress gorgeous but her makeup was absolutely FLAWLESS * insert heart eye emojis * Not to mention she killed her performance.

robbie_amell-1 Robbie Amell

That smile. That suit. That casual Tee. It all just fits so perfectly. So dreaaammmy…

rs_634x1024-160619175827-634.Lucy-Hale-Much-Music-Awards.tt.061916 Lucy Hale

That bold lip, flawless skin and minimal jewelry really lets this dress stand out. Also, those shoes are gorg! james_bayJames Bay

I love men in all black attire. Plus that hat…he is welcomed to serenade me anytime. I’m waiting…

rs_634x1024-160619174252-634.Gigi-Hadid-Much-Music-Awards.tt.061916 Gigi Hadid

That choker is pure perfection. Matching red lips with red wide-leg pant suit? There’s a reason why she’s a supermodel. Slay girl, slay!

shawn_hook-1 Shawn Hook

Guys in shades just do it for me. I love the black and cream suit. It’s classy…& we all love classy men.

lilly_singh Lilly Singh aka Superwoman

Her dress has embellished movie ticket stub prints…and she has comfy shoes on…can we please take a moment? This girl brought her OWN style to the carpet and I likey.

rs_634x1024-160619175107-634.Shawn-Mendes-Much-Music-Awards.tt.061916 Shawn Mendes

Pretty much everyone knows I love this kid. He’s cute. He dresses extremely well…& I know he’d treat me better (see what I did there? sorry the cougar in me is coming out…but his new song is amazing!)

rs_634x1024-160619185643-634.Hailey-Baldwin-Much-Music-Awards.tt.061916 Hailey Baldwin

The messy fringey rockery hair paired up with a gold sequins mini? This girl knows how to dress! Also, can I have those strappy shoes with a side of Drake? (she’s supposedly dating him) rs_634x1024-160619180645-634.Bethany-Mota-Much-Music-Awards.tt.061916Bethany Mota

This dress is beautiful. I’d wear it 24/7 if I could. Also, nude pumps? Even more beautiful! B killed it!


(Images courtesy of Eonline!, Much, Daily Mail)

You guys agree? Disagree? Let me know! See ya in the next blog post!

Fashion Diaries: The Best Dressed at the MMVAs 2015

Hello Dolls! I know I’ve been off my blogging game a bit, but I’m trying my best to be as consistent as possible! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Tumblr for daily updates. With that being said, who watched the Much Music Video Awards last Sunday? I love watching this award show turned street party, which takes place every year in Toronto. This year, everyone killed it. From Ed Sheeran’s hilarious co-hosting duties to all the performances, the show was really amazing. My favourite performance of the night has to be The Weeknd, with Shawn Mendes/Ed Sheeran coming in close second. The show aside, the fashion was amazing to see. This is one award show, where you can get away with dressing casual since it’s a big street party. As always, there were hits and misses but below you will find my favourite looks from that night:

slide_435066_5689390_compressedEd Sheeran

This adorable cutie looked handsome as always. Ed rocked a 3 piece classic suit, which he paired up with runners, keeping it casual chic. This outfit definitely made him one of the best dressed of the night and he did a phenomenal job co-hosting the show.

605x0-5Sarah Hyland

Sarah hit it out of the park with this whole ensemble. This is one of my favourite looks of the night. Her black cutout gown with a front slit looks very elegant. The hair, the makeup, and the accessories are so on point with this gorgeous dress.

605x0Nick Jonas

This adorable and newly single JoBro looked super stylish at the MMVAs. The red and black skinny stripped shirt under a bomber jacket looked very chic. The watch, the hair and the handsome smug finished up his street chic look!

gigi-hadidGigi Hadid

Gigi looked incredible in this skirt and crop top ensemble. She finished this creamy blush outfit with a cropped bomber jacket which had “#Hadid” inscribed on the back. This supermodel kept her hair sleek and her makeup was perfectly coordinated with her outfit.

605x0-4The Weeknd

So it has already been established that I am absolutely obsessed with The Weeknd right now. He kept his look simple, casual and chic. The all black ensemble was paired up with a jean jacket. He finishes this look up with his adorable smile and why not, it was his night, winning most of the awards!

slide_435066_5689394_compressedShawn Mendes

If you haven’t heard of this cutie yet, then what are you waiting for? Youtube him, trust me you will not be disappointed! This adorable singer looked super cute in his ensemble at the MMVAs. He paired a grey shirt with black pants and finished his look up with a leather jacket. His shoes, hair and his adorable smile completed his look.

Have A Great Day Dolls! x

(Images courtesy of HollywoodLife.com, MuchMusic.com, Huffington Post Canada)

The Best Dressed Celebrities at the Much Music Video Awards 2014

So if you live in Canada, then you have full knowledge of what this show is all about! The Much Music Video Awards is similar to the MTV video music awards but much cooler. This is an outdoor awards show that is mainly for the fans. It’s set around the perimeters of the Much Music Building with various stages at each street corner. Touted as “Toronto’s biggest musical block party”, this show is amazing to watch and even better to experience. Although, I have never had the change to actually attend one of these shows (it is on my bucket list), this does look like the ultimate street party to be at. This show has it all: Outrageous arrivals (who didn’t love Ed Sheeran’s epic entrance on a Mr. Tasty Fries truck?), great music (Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, We are Vegas ft. Alyssa Reid killed it), honouring Canadian talent (congrats Hedley on your big night!), and of course the fashion. The fashion this year on the red carpet was amazing. The ladies and gents were all (mainly) dressed to impress. It was very hard to come up with this list but below you will find my favourite dressed of the night:


Laura Vandervoort

The star of Bitten had to be one of the best dressed of the night! This fashionista was dressed to impress. The hair, the dress, the accessories & the makeup were nothing short of perfection. She looks absolutely stunning!


Shenae Grimes-Beech and Josh Beech

How cute is this newly married couple? Everything from the colour coordinated outfits and the matching shoes were adorable. Both of them were dressed simple casual chic and they look amazing! I love Shenae’s ravishing jacket!


Ed Sheeran

 How adorable is Ed? Only he can wear something so casual on a red carpet and still manage to look stylish as ever! The chicness of his all black ensemble with a pop of slate grey is great! He looks handsome as always!


Jenna Malone

Remember her as the bratty yet awesome daughter from Stepmom? Well Ms. Malone is all grown up and she looked amazing on the red carpet. The accessories were perfect with this all navy ensemble! The hair and makeup were on point too.


P K Subban

This adorable Montreal Canadiens hockey player was dressed to impress! This dashing athlete (yes I have a thing for hockey players) rocked an all grey ensemble and looked stylish as ever! His entrance on red carpet was awesome too!


Nikki Yanofsky

I love printed dresses on the red carpet and Nikki pulled it off gracefully! She looks age appropriate and stunning in this dress! The hair, the makeup and the right accessories work well together to make the whole ensemble gorgeous!



How amazing does this cutie look? This hip-hop artist looked amazing on the carpet! The red bomber jacket is the perfect pop of colour for this all black ensemble. Also, the accessories are nicely paired too! He looks great!


Alyssa Reid

Alyssa Reid looked stunning in this simple yet stylish all neutral coloured ensemble! Her makeup and accessories were on point too. But her perfect hair had to be the best on the red carpet! It was a perfect for her outfit and the MMVAs red carpet!


Nazem Kadri

This handsome Leafs player was dressed to impress. The colour combinations of his casual outfit was a perfect choice for the MMVAs. Also, the sunglasses just made him look even more dashing than he really is (yes I clearly have an enormous crush)!


Kylie Jenner

Do we expect anything less from Kylie Jenner? She was dressed to impress in this vintage embellished orange mini dress. The hair, the makeup and the shoes worked perfectly with this edgy chic dress! She looked stunning as always!

Have a Great Day Dolls! x

(Images courtesy of Fashion magazine, Pinterest, Huffington post, Much music, CTV)

Designer Obsession (Bollywood Edition): Manish Malhotra

If you are a huge Bollywood fan, then you already know who Manish Malhotra is. This wonderful designer started off as a costume designer, who had a keen eye for fashion. Infusing Indian and Western cultures, his designs are both elegant and traditional with an edge. His stunning sarees and lehngas are one of my favourites. There are very few Indian designers that have come close to Manish’s success. His runway shows often showcases an infusion of the western and south Asian outfits that are absolutely stunning. With a flood of Bollywood celebrity following, he has become a household name and the go-to designer for most South Asian occasions. His line is quite expensive but I can assure you that it is worth every little bit because of the elite quality his outfits exude. I love the use of his detailed work intertwined with his colour choices, there aren’t many designers that can make edgy look traditional and elegant at the same time. Both his men’s and women’s line are equally gorgeous. Although, it’s not as easy to get your hands on a MM outfit in Toronto as it would be in Mumbai (someone take me there please?), you can purchase his line on his retail website. Here are ten of my favourite Manish Malhotra runway looks modelled by some of Bollywood’s stylish celebs (in no particular order):

Imran Khan Imran Khan

I adore the black and white combination paired with copper work on this outfit. Imran looks handsome as ever! The white shawl around the neck is isn’t overpowering at all.

382c25f2d5899f2db9a84237e63a780dMadhuri Dixit-Nene

I love this lehnga on this fashion icon. This is what you call the perfect red coloured lehnga. The detailed work is amazing! Madhuri looks stunning as always in this outfit!

Pratiek BabbarPrateik Babbar

I love this simple yet classic look on Prateik, he looks great! Men in black traditional South Asian wear is a weakness for me, so I love everything about this Manish creation.

ede4ff90166669ae8dc867b5d90b795cAishwarya Rai Bachchan

This beauty queen looks ravishing in this white lehenga. Manish’s eye for detail on this outfit is amazing. This has to be one of my favourites. I love the bodice on this outfit.

Karan JoharKaran Johar

Always dressed to impress, KJo looks good. I like that Manish has kept it simple with the details and used the black and white combination to compliment each other!

Neha DhupiaNeha Dhupia

This creation by Manish is amazing! The colour, the details and the simplicity of this outfit is elegant! Neha looks stunning, as always! I love the work on the neck here!

Varun DhawanVarun Dhawan

Finally, some colour! Varun looks hot in this aquamarine and white combination outfit. I love that Manish went for a pop of colour here with minimal to no detailed work!

Parineeti ChopraParineeti Chopra

Someone needs to find me this outfit ASAP! This is my favourite Manish Malhotra creation. The colours, the details and the bodice are to die for! Parineeti looks gorgeous.

kxxsuxgt70n3xly3.D.0.Sidharth-Malhotra-walking-the-ramp-at-Men-For-Mijwan-show-by-Manish-Malhotra-for-NGO-Mijwan--4-Sidharth Malhotra

Manish Malhotra hits it out of the ball park again with this creation! Sid looks hot in this outfit. The choice of colours paired with minimal button details is amazing!

Nargis FakhriNargis Fakhri

This pink lehnga is stunning. The colour is perfect. The details are amazing. Manish Malhotra did a great job with this creation. Nargis looks absolutely stunning!

Happy Bollywood Watching Dolls! x

(Images Courtesy of Manish Malhotra’s Facebook page)