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Fashion Diaries: 10 times Jennifer Lopez Slayed Her Style Game!

Hi dolls! I figured why not start off this week with a major style icon…Jennifer Lopez! Can we all please take a moment and just admire how much JLo’s personal style has evolved over the years. When celebrities were following the trend, she was busy making new ones and that is why Jenny from the block is the ultimate style icon. Everything from her hair to her makeup is always on point, even on days she doesn’t try. Everything she wears, I want to emulate! Below you will find the 10 times JLo slayed her style game!

9b661b005273e00f569b2dc9b692c702Okay, this is exactly how one should go shopping. Tres chic! And let us take a moment for those shoes…sigh.

<> at AOL Studios In New York on January 21, 2015 in New York City.

Slay, JLo. (Insert tons of fire emojis) Also, how fantabulous is her makeup? And that COLOUR.

192614a463cdb6f23ba1d6e43935c6e8…because only JLo can make sweats, a baseball cap and a turtleneck sweater look this fashionable.

dd89acfc3a330f9d5f34cc17cc7ca2adA neon yellow mini with neon pink shoes? Only. JLo can make this weeerk!

56334eb8ac36dc4fd6af2450dc7fb80dI wish we could all look this stylish stepping out of a restaurant after Sunday brunch.

b7c4c410e57a28d9a353d2ba285207e1Okay, no words/emotions/emojis can describe how gorgeous this look is.

fcf8122c2c5e80da7d38b3618073385cFlips flops never looked this fashionable. Also, the quilted fringe bag? CHIC.

a700785c0bb676268bbe60557245f66fThis is how you wear denim on denim. Also, those shoes are fiyaaa!

1d533e8a61dd48a1613ef782e143b641And this is the outfit I would want to wear everyday for the rest of my life (insert heart eyed emoji).
8e486cdbd04b4deea19492d4fca25e0eEver wonder how to make a blazer look classy and casual at the same time? Fear not, Jenny from the block is showing you how.

(Images courtesy of Pinterest, Allure, AOL, InStyle) 

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Life Diaries: The Highlight Of His Night!

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Hope everyone is doing great on this gorgeous day! In this vlog, I finally let loose after a crazy work week. My friend and I talk about everything from life to relationships to how I’m destined to be with Drake (I know it will happen…one We also convince our server to be in the vlogs!

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Life Diaries: I’m moving to Ireland?!


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In this vlog, I go to Carassauga (which is a festival of cultures) and I show you different countries, their cultures and food. Also, after attending the Irish Pavilion, I decide that I would enjoy living in Ireland! 🙂 Please share, subscribe and like for more! Also, don’t forget to follow me on my various social media accounts (located on the right hand side of this blog).


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