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Fashion Diaries: 10 times Zendaya Slayed Her Style Game!

Okay, I know…I know. It has taken me how long to create a post about Zendaya? (in my defense, I totally had a hard time just picking 10 tbh). Zendaya has to be one of the most stylish celebrities to hit the Hollywood scene. This girl takes risks without giving any Fs and frankly, that’s how EVERYONE should go about slaying their own personal style game. She almost reminds me of Rihanna when she first hit the scene. Zendaya not only slays her style game, but she is also one of the most positive role models out there for girls growing up in this social media obsessed world (I can go on about this topic but I shall stick to the point). Here are 10 of my favourite looks Zendaya has rocked (also, so recreatable!):

6fe166d90decd18ba113aa0ca82c7dceDenim on denim can look too matchy matchy, but Z shows you how one should style this look! The bold lip and bold pumps, girl…slay!

f23d530fab0131255e836dff699628abLegit recreating this look this weekend cuz Zendaya says its cool. Okay, no her effortless chic is at its peak here (insert ALL the fire emojis)

2d1393db00000578-0-image-a-142_1443968411777This is the most unique yet fierce look Zendaya has rocked and I’m loving every bit of the craziness here (in a good way duh!). Also, the make up is on point!

043a29cd50a83a2aaed88cd7ce5a5d4bI’m green with envy that I can’t look this good stepping out of a Starbucks (see what I did there…okay lamez). I love how voluminous her hair is & those shoes are gorg!

921791b685f4fb5d87980053cb501a63Seriously, can I have her style brain? Like even for 5 min? plzthnx. Okay, if you want to know how to wear bold colours the right way…this is it. Pure perfection.

fierce-zendaya-looked-fab-mid-stride-in-nyc-dressed-in-a-white-shirt-ripped-jeans-standout-over-the-knee-boots-and-pink-chanel-purse-900x1200Oh my, you want grungey chic? Zendaya is going to show you how to rock this rocking look (yup I went there, judge away). Seriously, the pop of pink with the Chanel purse is fabulous!

dd73658f9f20652a3e655bc0125bb28dKeeping it simple and classy here Z. Seriously, an all white/cream outfit never looked this good! Also, plus points for putting the hair up and making the outfit the focal point!

05aa3654db33c25e0970e4b95d53055d…because she makes this particular outfit feel as if it’s couture! Seriously, Z can show you how to rock a casual comfy look super effortlessly. Also, that hair thoughhhh!

zendaya-street-fashion-out-in-paris-october-2015_1Does this girl ever dress horribly? The grey on grey with the black thigh high boots look incredibly stylish. I love how she slicked her hair back for this look!

d414d29b27bb55b0d6b424090c91331cOkay, this is another one I’m going to recreate…simply because it’s easy and looks incredibly effortless and chic (yes I use that word a lot, allow it). Also, those shoes!!


See you in the next post! x

(images courtesy of Pinterest, Just Jared, Instyle, Usweekly)






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